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NCT Classes - Are they worth it?

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Shiregirl Fri 28-Aug-09 23:31:18

Message withdrawn

BertieBotts Sat 29-Aug-09 00:33:08

I loved NCT classes. Well worth the money You are entitled to time off for antenatal classes so don't worry about that.

MrsGladpuss Sat 29-Aug-09 00:43:48

I second BertieBotts. Loved the classes and made some good friends.

My classes were quite late and were from 10-3 for 2 days. I took the whole day off as not feasible to get to and from work in those times... as I was entitled to do.

However, I have a very demanding job and had the majority of my check ups and mw appointments on my day off. My choice though.

Having read various threads on here, the quality of some of the teaching seems to vary considerably in some areas.

Where I am (outer London, Surrey borders) I have only come across very competent, knowledgeable and most importantly sensible nct teachers. My own was excellent.

clairebarnes77 Sat 29-Aug-09 07:50:10

I just attended my first NCT class this week and am very pleased I decided to sign up. I too don't know many people in my area and its nice to meet others who are all due around the same time / all going through the same thing etc. Was recommended to me by a couple of friends who are still in touch with their NCT buddies 5 years on!

motherbeyond Sat 29-Aug-09 08:04:52

i went.mine were at night.i hate that kind of thing though "get on your hands and knees and pretend you're in labour while your hubby rubs your back!" blush

the teacher was a partonizing,condescending tool...but it was worth it because i met some great friends,and our children are all playmates.we meet once a week for tea and cake!..and go out in the evening when we can (next friday, woohoooo!)we now have eight kids between us..and maybe more on the way!

so to round up,go. you'll probably learn something,although i think i got more info from the midwife.after all,what do you really need to know other than...push now!
but,im so glad i went because i met some friends for life smile

MRSVICTOR Sat 29-Aug-09 09:08:05

I've just popped my cheque in the post for NTCT classes (I haven't told dh we're 174 down - ouch). I hate these kind of things but they were recommended to me by a friend. Like some of you I haven't been in the area long and need to make some new friends...

brightonbleach Sat 29-Aug-09 11:40:37

I've been wondering the same thing, but have joined local NCT class anyway as it will be good for us to meet locals in the same boat - our friends who have kids have older kids and other childless friends aren't going to know what we're going through or frankly, going to want to sit in the park with babies! so possibly a good oportunity to meet people doing the same thing - i like the idea that bubba gets playmates from it as well, as we may not have another...

nearly 32weeks and counting...

Fruitbatlings Sat 29-Aug-09 11:54:42

IME - a bunch of very cliquey women trying to out-do eachother.
I wouldn't bother

LilyPeach Sat 29-Aug-09 11:59:34

My dh and I went and found them very useful and made some great friends. Was much more open-minded about pain relief etc than I thought it would be - personally we thought it was well worth the money.

notcitrus Sat 29-Aug-09 13:02:09

Mine were invaluable - partly luck that I got on really well with the other 5 women and we had similar expectations, but also our tutor was fantastic - very knowledgeable, could cite the actual research to back up everything, really practical, and all the suggestions were made in a spirit of "this may or may not work for you, so here's a variety of things that may help you through labour"

The tutors try to provide what the class ask for, so if you want as much pain relief as possible and the others are all determined to weave their baby out of lentils (or vice versa), it's not going to be as good. Eg my SIL hated them, but then she went private because the NHS refused to induce her on her due date...

In my area there were NO NHS antenatal classes by the time I knew I was pregnant, so it was an easier choice to spend the money.

TarkaLiotta Sat 29-Aug-09 13:20:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grin Sat 29-Aug-09 13:46:15

The best thing about them is definitely the friends you make. We went (3 yrs ago) because a friend had told us they were an essential - I'm not sure I'd agree with her in terms of knowledge and preparation (although there was some v useful stuff) but as loads of others have said too, we are still in touch with all of our NCTers. We also made particular friends with one family who are now hugely important in our life, we swap childcare and I love the bond they have with my son. It's great to have a support network of people going through the same thing at the same time and NHS offer a one off in my area so we wouldn't have got to know people in the same way otherwise.
Oh to save money you can pay for the course without joining the NCT - we did that and saved £30 ish.

Monkey74 Sat 29-Aug-09 14:17:38

I thought whilst doing the NCT classes that they were the bee's knees, however, when you get to actually having the baby & all the practical bits after I found it had been a waste of time & money.

Only your own experience & love, help & time of your family & friends, oh & your indespensable midwife & health visitor are any real help at all.

cookiemonstress Sat 29-Aug-09 17:36:26

I didn't know anyone with children in my area, so I did the NCT courses. Very good way to meet people and one of the girls I met them, I'd now consider to be a good friend. For a year you will have masses in common, but when your kids start the push and shoving and you all go back to work, some of the relationships do drop back a bit.

The content of the classes is not worth the mmoney in my opinion. Nothing you couldn't get from a book and personally I found some of the thinking from the teacher to be very odd. Some of the midwives I spoke with after were very frustrated that the local NCT were touting all sort of false info about the local hospital and had not bothered to engage with the hospital in anyway. There was also nothing as to what happens when you get the baby out. 9 months practising breathing and I had no idea as to what to do when we got home!

Recently, I noticed some independent midwife led classes (bump to bubba?). If I had to do classes again, I'd opt for those.

You will meet people after the baby is born if you are prepared to get out and about. If you are in a surestart area, lots of classes and groups on offer for new mums (IME).

OVerall, it was money well spent in terms of meeting people. Not for the actual content.

beautifulgirls Sat 29-Aug-09 18:33:16

I loved the NCT classes we did - made lots of friends and we are all about to meet up for the 5th birthday celebrations of our first borns. The classes were well balanced and for us not to pushy for any one thing re birth/after baby comes - or against any one thing either. We did have some breastfeeding advice but no bottle feeding advice which was probably the only thing that some might consider imbalanced, but that is a whole other arguement in itself and the advice given was very helpful.

FifiForgot Sat 29-Aug-09 19:23:05

We did NCT classes with DD. To be honest, the classes were a bit of waste of time, informative, but as others have said, nothing you couldn't get from a book. I found the breast feeding workshop very useful and the counsellor was very supportive after the babies arrived, especially to one of the group who for several reasons decided to bottle feed. Our local branch is very active and has close links with the local Hospital and midwives.

I am close friends with 3 of my group. We meet up with the children and also meet up as families. The husbands still meet up once a month for "beer and a curry" which has maintained a wider group contact. All 8 families came to DD's 3rd birthday.

For us it was worth the money for the wonderful friends that we made. DD is always thrilled when she sees her "baby friends".

overthemill Sat 29-Aug-09 19:25:56

i did both nhs class and nct classes. Neither were very good ime. NCT a bit 'worthy' and very woven lentily type of thing and i had a hard time as i was planning a c-section (had a condition necessitating it). In the end i lost touch and didnt do any of teh post natal socialising BUT i did gatecrash a nct group in my own village and made 4 firm friends from taht who i would die rather than lose touch with!

Shiregirl Sat 29-Aug-09 22:19:11

Message withdrawn

Monkey74 Sun 30-Aug-09 08:32:23

I think after you've had the baby (1-2wks after) try & find out what is being ran in your area via your midwife & health visitor.

We've also got a Surestart scheme, but we have a Baby/Children Centre too which has been a complete lifeline, as it's when you want to start getting back on your feet that you start looking for answers and companionship of other same time mums'.

Our community ran children centre has lots of people with their own business' that run baby groups. I attended a baby massage group, which was aimed at bonding with your child and releasing the stress of you and the baby. It has to this day served me well and the education that the teacher gave through the class has been my crutch!!!

Also, the ladies that attended with me have become my bestfriends and we meet every week for coffee & do activities with the children every week too!! Which seeing as I know no-one in this area has been extremely beneficial.

I think no matter how much advise you're given prior to baby being born will prepare you as first time mum, it's the aftermath that you will need all the advice & help you can get.

As I said before, found NCT waste of money, banged on about breastfeeding, nothing about bottle & some of the techniques the midwife was shocked at!

GirlsAreLoud Sun 30-Aug-09 08:34:33

I hated my teacher but I loved meeting my news friends. Still see them every week, would have been lost without them on ML.

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