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Underarm crutches for SPD?

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KatyS36 Fri 14-Aug-09 16:54:13

HI all,

30 weeks pregnant and have SPD to the point where walking even 10 meters is incredibly painful.

Have got crutches, but they would only give me the walking stick ones that end at the elbow. They are useless at relieving the pain.

I had been hoping for the underarm ones, which the idea of using a swinging action rather than 'supported walking' but was heavily discouraged, and told 'they weren't safe for pregnant women' and could cause other jarring issues. Was too tired, in too much pain and too upset to push the issue.

Feeling bloody miserable at new prospect of not being able to leave the house for next 10 weeks and wondering if anyone had been offered any better solutions.

IwishIhadtimetoreadnewspapers Fri 14-Aug-09 21:55:05

The NHS very rarely supply underarm crutches these days as people were using them incorrectly and getting shoulder and nerve problems. In fact where I work (I'm a physio) I can't remember the last time I saw a pair.

It is possible to use a swinging action with elbow crutches, but I think it'd be pretty difficult at 30 weeks pregnant.

The main aim of crutches is to take some of your weight through them thus relieving your pelvis of some of its weightbearing load.

I suffered from PGD during my 2nd pregnancy and found that crutches and a support belt, combined with minimal lifting of ds1 and moving very carefully I could manage my pain to a just about cope-able level.

herbietea Fri 14-Aug-09 22:01:35

Message withdrawn

Kyte Sat 15-Aug-09 06:34:20


Are you doing all the other things to help too?

* Putting a plastic bag on seats to help you swivel into them (especially in the car) with your legs together

* Taking one step at a time (left foot onto it, right foot onto it then do the next step)

* Not standing for more than 10 minutes, not walking for more than 10 minutes, not sitting too long but making sure you do sit down regularly

* getting a mid-afternoon nap / lie down to ease the muscles (this should be possible even at work - you can get occupational health etc onto it)

* no ironing. hoovering, pushing supermarket trollies etc cos the swivel motion is bad for your hips

*Using the supermarket mobility shopping trolleys (ride on style) and getting someone to help you with bags into the car

You probably are doing all this anyway, but just wanted to share in case it might help

KatyS36 Sat 15-Aug-09 11:51:56

Thanks guys.

I thought that was the case with underarm crutches, I find it so frustrating as I find them so much easier to use - have broken vairous parts in the past. Also, I've always found it easier to 'swing through' with a properly locked upper arm.

I guess I'm finding it ridiculously frustrating as the physio was just not listening and insisting I use them for assisted normal walking, despite me saying that they didn't help at all.

Thanks Kyte. I'm pretty much doing all that. Walking is now on a strict 'by necessity' only, i.e. to bathroom, although I'm a bit scared as to what this will do to my general health (was disgustingly fit and healthy prior to this pregnancy lark). My boss is being fantastic and I've just been ok'd to work at home whenever I feel like it.

LOL at thought of going to supermarket - everything is ordered online now!

The plastic bag on car seat is a good idea though.

Prior to yesterday I just had this little fantasy of just being able to hop through on underarm crutches with an objective of say going from car to coffee shop, but this seems to have been shattered.

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