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Got some more questions for you ladies :o)

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MrsMc82 Mon 03-Aug-09 21:22:19

Hi just got a couple more questions for you super pregnancy gurus!
1) do i need to worry about my lower back/hip pain? Terrified it might be the start of spd but know its a bit early (i'm 16 wks) and i've not actually got pain in between my legs.... Is it just stretching pain? Getting me down whatever it is as i just can't get comfy whether i'm in bed on the sofa or at my desk at work - grr!!
2) also - and this is a gross question and am quite embarrassed but - is it possible/normal to be maybe needing to use tena lady this early?

Thanks ladies xx

Deemented Mon 03-Aug-09 22:06:18

I can only help with the tena lady bit - i'm 16wks too, and have been using them for the past three weeks...

I vaguely remember what a pelvic floor is...

ReneRusso Mon 03-Aug-09 23:57:33

It's not too early for SPD but you will really feel it in your pelvis if you get SPD. You will feel like your pelvic bones are clicking around against each other and it hurts to open your legs even a bit. Hope you don't get it, but it is easy to recognise if you do.

MrsMc82 Tue 04-Aug-09 08:15:37

phew! Thanks ladies.... Both answers v reassuring! X

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