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morewine Sun 02-Aug-09 22:38:19

Hi can anyone give me some advice. At 7 weeks i had some spotting so visited EPC scan showed 5 week pregnancy, so told to return in 2 weeks for scan. at 9 weeks according to my dates, scan showed 6 weeks some growth but no FHS and a double yolk sac. Does anyone know significance of this? I was told it was most likely to be a failed pregnancy but to wait a week to confirm with another scan. I am now 10 weeks according to dates and still feel sick, tired, dizzy have sore boobs and I am not sleeping well. It just feels od to be walking around with pregnancy symptoms and yet for it to have failed. I guess I am like a time bomb ticking and the blood could appear any time. Its quite frightening. If the scan concludes failure should I opt for a D&C? and if so what is this like? This is my 2nd pregnancy, the 1st I had pre-eclamsia and obsetric cholestasis. Could this have anything to do with what is happening now? Thanks for any help!

Neeko Mon 03-Aug-09 08:11:55

Really sorry you are having such a distressing time. I can't comment on what the hospital have said but wanted you to know that I had an ERPC (like a D&C) after my MMC in March and physically it was fine. The staff were wonderful and it was quick and mostly painless. Really hope your scan shows a healthy happy bean.

MmeLindt Mon 03-Aug-09 08:21:24

Sorry you are going through this.

Are you sure of your dates?

Your hormone levels could be high enough for your to feel pregnant even if the foetus is not developing properly.

When is your scan? Perhaps you could phone and get an earlier appointment, the waiting is horrible.

I lived in Germany when I had my m/c and there it is common to have a D&C. I found that the actual procedure was ok. I was glad to have it over with and not have to wait to miscarry naturally.

Mouette Mon 03-Aug-09 08:59:35

Hi morewine
I am very sorry you have to go through this. Unfortunately if the pregnancy is still "inside" so to speak you will still be getting pregnancy symptoms because your body thinks you're still pregnant - and technically you are, even if the pregnancy has failed to develop. I had an mc at 17 weeks last year and had an ERPC as the placenta failed to come out, the procedure was fine, had no pain or side effects. Personally I would always opt for an ERPC as then there isn't the waiting and the pain of a natural mc. To my knowledge there is no connection between the complications you mention and mc - those are complications from later pregnancy, an early mc is sadly generally just bad luck. All the best xx

Sammy842 Thu 06-Aug-09 14:55:42

Hi, Im really sorry to hear what you are going through. I also had a missed miscarriage in May and waiting around for the scans and confirmation that my pregnancy had ended was a nightmare. I had medical management and I was still showing that I was pregnant for 3 weeks after! It is the sack that produces the hormones and can stay with you for quite a while afterwards. It was also my second pregnancy and I was 10 weeks when I finally got told that I was miscarrying.
It is an awful time and my thoughts are with you. I am now pregnant again and am just taking each day as it comes. It is very common to miscarry but I know that it is no comfort. Just know that you are not alone.

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