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Hypnobirthing - anyone know a good course or practitioner?

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MissStimpy Mon 27-Jul-09 11:34:14

Hi everybody. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and looking into birthing options. A friend of mine has recommended hypnobirthing, and I'm reading a book about it at the mo. Can anybody suggest a good course in hypnobirthing, in London or outside, or a good local practitioner who you have actually trained with? I find it's good to go by personal recommendation. Any tips gratefully received!

Fragolina Mon 27-Jul-09 13:04:35

Hi, I bought a 'Hypnobabies course' from the US, which was absolutely fantastic. It kept me really chilled out when I was pregnant and in labour with my first, and I'm definitely going to use it again this time around (am 15 weeks). There's an online support group (yahoo), and telephone/email access to the course leaders to have your questions answered. The difference from other hypnobirthing courses in this country was that this taught you how to get into a hypnotic state, but you can still walk, talk and move around - also think it worke dout cheaper.

The midwives during my labour just couldn't believe it, and had to keep getting coffee to keep awake, because the atmosphere was just so chilled out and relaxed. I whole heartedly recommend - you'll find it if you google 'hypnobabies'. Tip: You get cheaper shipping if you ask them to send it in the regular post rather than by courier.

Good luck!

KnockedUpDelf Mon 27-Jul-09 13:12:49

I used hypnobirthing very very successfully with the birth of my son (only felt 4 painful contractions, and that was because I lost my focus by having a bath - should have stayed in the bed!).

I have had this lady: recommended to my by a friend and I think I will be using her if she can squeeze me in.

My son was born in Australia so this will be a completely different experience for me, but wouldn't even THINK about not doing hypnobirthing!

ceebie Mon 27-Jul-09 15:14:39

I did a Hypnobirthing course (the Mongon method, check out, but my course was in the northwest, so unfortunately although my practisioner was excellent that's not much use to you.

It is usually strongly recommended that you do the course rather than just do a CD and book yourself, and I have to say that I certainly got a lot out of doing the course and found it fantastic. It covered a bit about the physiology of labour, we did fear release sessions, as well as obviously the relaxation / hypnobirthing elements. The book and CD were provided as part of the course.

Fragolina's comment about her course "The difference from other hypnobirthing courses in this country was that this taught you how to get into a hypnotic state, but you can still walk, talk and move around" is not right has all Hypnobirthing methods as far as I know - the one I did anyway - allow you to walk / talk / move - it is self-hypnosis and you are in control of your body at all times and can do all these things.

Fragolina Mon 27-Jul-09 16:37:16

Ceebie, my comment about the 'walk, talk, move around' probably shouldn't have been generalised to all hypnobirthing in this country - but it is based on the experiences of some friends of mine who found that they could only stay in a hypnotic state during labour while they were lying down quietly, and found that they lost their focus if they walked or talked. Not sure what method they used.

MissStimpy - the course I did had no actual classes to attend, but they did have a schedule of reading (included physiology of labour, what to expect during the stages of labour, pregnancy exercises, perineal massage instructions and benefits) plus hypnosis tracks (included fear release sessions). I quite liked the fact that I could go at my own pace and repeat sessions if I wanted to, rather than going at the same pace as a group class.

Hope this helps!

Fragolina Mon 27-Jul-09 16:39:13

Opps, forgot to add that there were about 8 different hypnosis tracks to use in preparation for labour, and then three tracks for use in labour itself.

MissStimpy Tue 04-Aug-09 10:09:28

Thanks to everyone who got back to me - your advice is really helpful.

Miss Stimpy

missDiddles Wed 12-Aug-09 17:38:17

I'm considering signing up to hypnobirthing classes in Nottingham - I don't suppose anyone has experienced these?


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