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Engaged head at 36 weeks

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Chrysanthamum Sat 25-Jul-09 23:08:46

its my 3rd pregnancy and i was told on Thursday that the baby's head is engaged. Now suddenly from being in no rush to go in to labour I now can't wait and know I'll be miffed if i don't go early!
My 1st was 2 weeks early, my 2nd 3 days early and my midwife says its unusual that the head is engaged at this stage for a 3rd baby if its not on the way.
Anyone got any pearls of wisdom here? I'm now drinking my raspberry leaf tea. I will be so disappointed if i'm overdue! hmm

threeplusone Sun 26-Jul-09 07:19:19

HI I know with my second and third the baby engaged and disengaged from about 34/35 weeks and they were both born at 40 plus 2
DS1 even disengaged himself and turned about 20mins before he was born, my first push bought him back down and he was out 2 pushes later.
Did she say how much is engaged mine werrent fully engaged at any of the examinations so this could be different for you.
Hope this amkes sense and helps.

LeninGrad Sun 26-Jul-09 07:29:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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