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Just wanted to clarify hyperemesis question

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whocaresaboutyourintellect Wed 22-Jul-09 12:37:55

Sister has been in hospital since week 7 with hyperemesis. she has gone to highest level of drugs and still not been able to control the sickness. She is a few days off 12 weeks and the medical staff are telling her it will all calm down and be over soon.

I am concerned that they are not telling the truth as I thought Hyperemesis was not like normal MS. I have tied telling our mum that they are being negligent as sister has made plans to return to work and booked a two week holiday for 8 weeks time.

crokky Wed 22-Jul-09 12:43:12

I had hyperemesis. I was sick from 5 weeks pg all through to delivery. (Had it twice).

My experience is that there is a bit of improvement around 24-28 weeks. No way could I have gone on holiday or returned to work at any stage.

Hyperemesis is different for different people, it is possible she will improve, but she has also got to be prepared for any improvement to be fairly marginal.

Even when I did improve a bit, it isn't just the actual vomiting. There is a overwhelming ever present feeling of tiredness and illness and personally I felt as though I was dying.

MrsMattie Wed 22-Jul-09 12:46:30

My hyperemesis lasted from 6-16 weeks. I was still sick until 22 weeks, but nowhere near as bad from 16 weeks ie. I could eat something and hold it down. At 22 weeks the nausea subsided almost entirely.

Most women with bad morning sickness do start to improve from about 12-16 weeks in. However, there are some women who are sick throughout their pregnancies, so it is pretty misleading for doctors to promise your sister that she will be fine soon.

littleducks Wed 22-Jul-09 12:57:08

I had hyperemis till delivery, i was testing positive for high ketones when admitted in labour

I didnt take drugs and it help me at all

Maybe they hope positive thinking will help?

kathyis6incheshigh Wed 22-Jul-09 12:58:50

Sorry to say this but they are talking rubbish I'm afraid sad
The first time I had it they kept telling me 'Oh, it'll be better at 12 weeks' so I think it is a common myth based on what tends to happen with normal morning sickness.
You're right, it is very annoying to be given misleading info - I kept telling my work 'I'll be back in a fortnight' which made it far harder for them to plan than it would have been if I'd been able to say 'Right, you won't be seeing me for several months' as I did with my later pregnancies.

Unfortunately the worse you have it the longer it tends to last - this is info from a hyperemesis website which no longer exists. I therefore think it's very unlikely she'll be back at work within a month at least, as it will take her a while to get back to normal and she will need to rest as much as possible, even if it does improve. If she pushes herself too hard she will make it worse again.

A two week holiday in 8 weeks time - might be doable if she improves and it is a very restful holiday which doesn't involve anything energetic.
But I agree with you, I certainly wouldn't be booking one right now.

Good luck to your sister. xxx A lot of us on here have had it and know how hard it is.

Mole007 Wed 22-Jul-09 16:24:52

I was told it'll get better at 12 weeks, then 16 weeks, then 20 weeks.....managed a week off without any vomiting (well, just a little...) whilst we were on holiday, which was great, but now am at 34 weeks, the hyperemesis is back in full swing. Medical staff don't listen, and have now gone through the same drugs routine for the fifth time, even though I KNOW that they don't work. At one point, even discharged from hospital early so that the hospital would not be fined for using the PFI part of the block....needless to say I was back in within a week in an even worse state.

I have every sympathy, and would say go for the break, especially if it is not too far (we drove to France, as I could not have coped with a flight). The break did me so much good.

Hopefully your sister will get her GP on side. Mine was OK about me returning to work until he realised that I had to commute into and across London, at which point he signed me off for a fortnight, and instructed me to just leave messages with reception for future notes!

Laui59 Sat 25-Jul-09 18:08:04

I agee sadly with the above, i to suffer bad, thinkfully only been in hospital onces in a twin pregnacy but on thrid pregnancy now and have it yet again starts at 6 wks and normally no let up until 16 to 18 wks if i'm lucky..
Have a quick question myself, i really sruggle getting my work to understand what is going on and letting me have the time off with out resenting me causing issues when i return, anyone else experianced this.. have seen doc's already and have cyclocyene(sp??) tablets and trying best not to get to bad i have to go into hospital but at the same time i feel dreadful and very tired, so not at work, docs said to call if i need sicknote but feel work will feel i'm skiving??? any thoughts or experiances pls???

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