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Fatigue in 2nd Trimester/Swine flu concerns!.....

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biggernow Mon 20-Jul-09 20:22:05


Given paranoia at the moment with swine flu etc, my fatigue is worrying me slightly. I am 22 weeks preg (number 2)- and do have an exhausting toddler, but this tiredness is virus like. I feel so drained. I know iron levels are fine and I have a good balanced diet (if a little too many biscuits) so can't really work out what is wrong. Bit achy too- but no flu symptoms, still want food and certainly no fever. Just KNACKERED beyond!

Anyone else feel drained????? I felt better a few weeks ago!!!


mrswee Mon 20-Jul-09 20:40:30

poor you. I really did feel drained through my second trimester.
I kept waiting for the pregnancy glow but all I felt was super tired and if I did too much in the day then I'd suddenly feel ill or like I was coming down with something and just have to sleep. I work shifts but don't have a toddler to look after which is no doubt a lot more tiring.

I'm not quite feeling so bad right now and I'm just 3 weeks in my third trimester.

I'd mention it to the doctor or midwife in case they can do anything to help though.

nickytwotimes Mon 20-Jul-09 20:42:33

Am not pg atm, but was totally knackered throughout my pregnancy. It was shite, which is why ds doesn't have a sibling yet. wink

StrangeTown Wed 22-Jul-09 20:24:26

Bigger, I'm 26 weeks with a toddler and fecking knackered too.

I am taking iron tablets every other day which help a bit but give me tummy ache. Rock and a hard place eh?

I think it passed at about 28 weeks last time so am hoping I perk up soon!

gizzy1973 Wed 22-Jul-09 21:26:24

i felt like this all of last week and struggled to work 3 days but gave in and phoned in sick on 4th day (very unhappy bosses) and then felt so drained and no energy until sunday

have felt fine this week so no idea what was wrong last week but had no temperature

tostaky Thu 23-Jul-09 07:29:05

with my first pregnancy only fresh homemade orange juice every morning(1 orange + 1 lemon) would do the trick for me...
it is a pain but it works like a charm!!

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