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Bacterial Vaginosis & Metronidazole in pregnancy??

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EasyEggs Tue 14-Jul-09 19:06:48

Ok so quite a blush one!

I am pretty sure I have this as symptoms seem to add up with everything I have read. I rang GP on Friday who said to call and get appointment with nurse on Monday due to me being preg she wants to know for sure, but in mean time left me a prescription for antibiotics - Metronidazole. I collected them today because when I rang back yesterday they said the next appointment isn't until Thursday so won't even get results until next Monday at the earliest, prob Tue/Wednesday hmm

So basically do i start taking them just incase or do I hold off incase it isn't?? Just worried as I have read that BV can cause probs in preg.

Any advice would be much appreciated smile

alana39 Tue 14-Jul-09 20:23:08

I think that although BV is sometimes left to see if it clears on its own, the normal approach is to offer treatment to pregnant women. The thing is if you start the course of metronidazole (is it for a week?) you should finish it, and obviously you might find out half way through that you didn't need it and that it was actually thrush or something. I would try to speak to the GP again and ask if it matters if you delay starting treatment by a few days or not. Sorry not to be more helpful but didn't want to leave your post to slip down the list.

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