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Cefalexin 500mg During Pregnancy

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sl003 Tue 14-Jul-09 12:40:28

I am 24 week pregnant and last week i had a really bad pain in my lover tummy. I am a GBS carrier as well.So my GP Told me that i have an urinary infection and T rush and prescribe me Amoxciline 250mg and i took them since last Friday.But Still time to time i have that bad pain and I have a yellowish and Greenish discharge as well.They are not smelly.Even I dont have a pain when passing urine.But it is really owe full to see when the tissue is lightgreenish and yellowish. So I went to see my GP again and explain the problem to her.She said that the Amoxciline is no that strong enough and prescribe me Cefalexin 500mg .Just want to find out weather this will harmful for my baby? Is any one have the experience about the problem i have? Are there any advise what this could be and how to prevent my problem?

difficultdecision Tue 14-Jul-09 15:30:33

Cefalexin is an antibiotic commonly used in pregnancy for urine infections and the dose is correct. Lower abdomenal pain is a common symptom of urine infections so it is a sensible course of action. Even more sensible if they tested a urine specimen - did they? If you have thrush aswell any antibiotics will almost certainly make it worse so you might want to use a canesten pessary (without the pokey stick that goes with it) towards the end of the antibiotic course to deal with that as the the thrush tablet cannot be used in pregnancy.

If your symptoms are no better after the cefalexin and canesten or the pain gets worse you will need to go back to the GP and they may want to examine you again and take a new set of swabs for the discharge.

Hope you feel better soon.

sl003 Tue 14-Jul-09 15:45:35

Thank you very much.Yes GP gave me the passery as well. So that mean i can have the treatment without any doubt.

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