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belly ache and back ache and loss of some pregnancy symptoms

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tyler0102 Mon 13-Jul-09 17:31:03

Hi ive had a belly ache on and off through out my pregnancy and sometimes it can be realy painfull, plus today i have painfull lower backache, is it anything i should worry about? Im 9 weeks pregnant, i also had sore breasts but they dont hurt anymore and my morning sickness has gone, is this normal or should i worry!!

dal21 Mon 13-Jul-09 17:40:40

Hi - I found that I had days exactly like this. Got very worried. Then next day - all the symptoms came back. I nearly always felt fantastic on a Monday (well rested after the weekend) and dire by Thurs night!

Saw bean on scan today - so all is fine.

If symptoms stay away for more than a 2/3 days, maybe have a chat with your GP. But I wouldnt worry about the odd day when you feel vaguely human again. grin

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