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Does everybody feel great big powerful kicks or is it also normal to only feel slight movements?

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mrswee Sat 04-Jul-09 12:25:47

I'm nearly 28 weeks and feel my baby moving on a regular basis but most of the movements are quite slight, more like wriggles/ squirms and slight kicks but nothing powerful that takes me by surprise. is that also normal? I seem to reading all the time on here about babies that seem to be kicking thier way out!

I was getting what seemed like bigger kicks than I feel now between 24-26 weeks but not so much since then.

I did mention this to a midwife recently on thew phone but she wasn't concerned and just asked me to confirm that I was actually feeling my baby move on a regular basis.

do you think it's the position she has wriggled into?

My placenta was at the loer left side at my 22 week scan so I don't think that would prevent me feeling bigger kicks?.

this is all after me reasuring so many others about not feeling early movement!


coffeecups Sat 04-Jul-09 12:32:16

I think you're fine from what you say. I'm 30 weeks today and have more squirmings and hiccups than great powerful things. Much depends on the baby and where they are lying.

My midwife said if i didn't think I'd felt it for a little while to drink some very cold water and that should get a reaction. You could give that a whirl.

Good luck.

mrswee Sat 04-Jul-09 12:39:36

The midwife said the same to me and I have been doing that quite a lot anyway because it's been so hot the last week. She often moves as soon as I've had one gulp of the icey water so that is always reasuring and as far as weight gain is concerned it also beats eating something sweet everytime I want to check her movement!
Often the movement is so slight I really have sit quiet to notice it though.

forevermore Sat 04-Jul-09 12:54:53

mrswee i have the same issue. lots of powerful kicks at 24-26 wks now 29 weeks and more squiming with occasional big kick very few and far between though. i am n a low sugar diet now due to gestational diabetes so just thought it was due to less sugar rushed and less roomhmm

Qally Sat 04-Jul-09 13:53:11

I stopped feeling much at all at around 25 weeks - days without any apparent movement - and was even sent in to the unit to get checked out several times in the last trimester! They said that the placenta was lying firmly across the front of the bump, absorbing most of the movement. I felt it if he dug his elbows into my hips, or pushed his bottom up into the top of the bump, but often couldn't feel much, and I never did see the hand-prints people talk about. Yet he was and is a very strong baby - could weight-bear on his legs from a few weeks old. He's healthy as anything.

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