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Kingston Hospital

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TJ34 Fri 03-Jul-09 14:38:26

i am trying to choose a private obstetrician who operates at kingston hospital. can anyone give me some advise. was thinking of meena shankar or isat ataullah. thanks

penona Fri 03-Jul-09 15:15:42

I used Meena Shankar for my pg but through the NHS not privately. She was very good, I had twins, she was kind and patient with all my endless questions and worries. But I mostly saw her at Roehampton (Queen Mary's) not at Kingston, which was more of a drive and a bit annoying! She was sadly sick on the day of their birth but did pop in and see me on the ward the next day.

Wheelybug Sat 04-Jul-09 18:06:57

Meena Shankar delivered my dd1 on the NHS when she was a senior reg 4 years ago. She was fantastic. I had a high risk pregnancy and did special scans on me antenatally and hten happened to be the reg on duty during much of my v. long induction process which ended in a c-sec. She always made me feel like I was in control (which I probably wasn't) eg. allowed me to make the decision when to stop the induction and go for c-sec. She was also v. keen on dd1 staying with me and not being whisked off unless aboslutely necessary. People (MWs that is - I didn't flash it to too many people) also commented on how neat my c-sec scar was.

If I had been able to choose second time I would have chosen her no doubt.

FWIW - I also had good experience of Mr Chou/Chau. He's lovely.

Second time round (March this yr) I had a locum consultant who was also v. good but I assume she doesn't do private work out of kingston.

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