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Is this normal after an ERPC? Please can those with experience advise.

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JustShaggy Mon 22-Jun-09 19:32:53

I had surgical management of a miscarriage about ten days ago. I am still bleeding, and the blood is a very very dark reddish browny/black colour. Much darker than I've ever seen in a period. It's not hugely heavy though.

I was told I could bleed for 10-14 days after procedure so I guess I am still within 'normal range', although a midwife told me it should be finished after 3 days? Any exercise - even gentle walks pottering around gardens requires a pad change.

I am also bone-shatteringly exhausted.

The last five days I've been getting the worst headaches ever.

I was told about risks of infection, but in relation to that was told if things got 'smelly' to go to GP. No bad smells - but is the rest normal?

My head today is so bad I could cry - expect that would make it hurt even more.

If I am run-down - can anyone recommend a good tonic or similar that I can take that will not affect baby if I should fall pregnant again because we want to try again soon.

Really appreciate some advice. I'm struggling and DH really worried.

juuule Mon 22-Jun-09 19:41:13

I would make an appointment with the gp as soon as possible. The bleeding you describe doesn't sound normal to me. Combined with the headaches, I think you need medical attention.

You are probably low on iron and maybe anaemic, too, due to the heavy loss.

In fact, ring a m/w or someone on the ward which treated you to ask their advice. They might ask you to go back for a check up. I think that you are still under them for follow-up or problems for a while after the erpc.

funtimewincies Mon 22-Jun-09 19:41:50

Sorry to hear about the mc sad.

The headaches could well be dehydration and, if you were like me, from crying (or more accurately from desperately trying not to cry and pulling the facial muscles). Definitely worth giving the gynae unit where you had the ERPC done, presuming that you were given a follow-up phone number. If not, the mw will probably know more than a GP in these circumstances.

I remember the blood being quite dark. I only bled for about 5-6 days but, as you've been told, up to 2 weeks is normal.

JustShaggy Mon 22-Jun-09 19:49:46

Thanks for such quick replies. I will follow this up. Have done nothing because I am not experiencing HEAVY bleeding, EXTREME pain, and no smelly discharges. Which is what I was wanred about.

I should add, the bleeding flow isn't changing a great deal either. I would have expected something like a period - very heavy then gradually getting less - but apart from very very heavy bleeding straight after procedure, the flow has more or less been the same constantly.

I did think after three days that it was over because that was the pattern. But it has settled into a constant 'flow' since then - I stress, not heavy or smelly - but requiring about three pad changes a day. On a couple of days I've had almost nothing, then the next days it reverted back to what it was. The colour is a bit disturbing though.

JustShaggy Wed 24-Jun-09 13:06:02

Today I started to pass large clots - one the size of a 5p coin. Called the EPU who said what I am experiencing is normal. Still no heavy bleeding, extreme pain, or bad smells.

God - it's taking so long; I'm so exhausted. So back to waiting but still thinking this is totally not what I was expecting. Have others gone through a similar long drawn out experience post-ERPC?

funtimewincies Wed 24-Jun-09 19:58:56

Glad to hear that you've had some reassurance. How are the headaches?

VoodoNotdoit Wed 24-Jun-09 20:02:22

after my procedure I had agonising tummy ache for about 4 days, and equivalent to a very very heavy period for about 10/11 days. no headaches though, but can be caused by the hormonal swing? I would speak to the pros. as the others have advised.

big hugs, such a tough time.

fettle Wed 24-Jun-09 20:25:11

Hi Justshaggy - sorry to hear what you are going through - it is just horrible.

After my ERCP I had no bleeding for 3 days then some heavy bleeding and bad period like pains. The bleeding continued not really very heavily for about 6 weeks from memory. I went back and forth to the GP seeing different locums each time and was given all sorts of antibiotics as it may have been infection (no smells, extreme pain or very heavy bleeding though!). Finally saw my own doctor, who gave me a big hug and sent me back to the EPU for a scan - most hideous experience really, but was for the best as they found some conception products remained and I needed another ERCP. It is very rare for them to miss some first time round, but bear it in mind if your bleeding continues for much longer.

Really hoping that you don't have the same experience as me - although the good news is that I now have a beautiful 21 month old DS!

Good Luck

JustShaggy Thu 25-Jun-09 12:13:56

Headaches are still ferocious. EPU says could be down to stress and emotional side of things but not a symptom of miscarriage. Am going to try get to see my GP (but getting an appointment is another type of pain alogether!)

Have been told by EPU I could bleed for another week - but if I get to see GP I'm going to ask her about it as well.

It sounds like you went through hell fettle - I did wonder with clots appearing so late if that might have been happening with me, but seems 12 days or so isn't unusual from what VoodoNotdoit posts. We'll see. I was very unprepared for how long it would take.

Thanks for the insights.

amyboo Thu 25-Jun-09 13:24:05

I bled for about 3 weeks after my ERPC, off an on, never really heavy, but definite bleeding not spotting. I also got headaches and ended up getting a horrible virus.

My sister, a doctor, said that general anaesthetic can affect your immune system, especially if you're given antibiotics as I was (for a non-serious heart defect). She said that this would make me susceptible to getting virusses etc. That's basically what happened - I got a horrible virus, headaches, cold, flu-like symptoms, along with the bleeding for around 3 weeks after the ERPC.

JustShaggy Thu 25-Jun-09 14:02:08

amyboo I have a non serious heart defect as well and was told as a youngster to always get antibiotics for invasive procedures. When I told hospital this I was told this view had changed and I wasn't given them. Interesting to hear that you were.

I wonder if what you say is happening to me because I was very sick with UTI a few weeks previously and on antibiotics then. I must stop self-diagnosing myself!

ruddynorah Thu 25-Jun-09 14:07:48

i bled for about 10 days after mine. the first period after was very light. i think it kind of depend on how much the remove in surgery and how much is still left to come away.

fwiw i think your epu would give better info that your gp.

JustShaggy Fri 26-Jun-09 11:44:38

I'm not sure ruddynorah... when my miscarriage started and I described everything to EPU they said it was probably nothing to worry about. When I described my symptons to GP she said the symptoms were very significant and contacted them and insisted they see me, and lo and behold, the baby had died.

I was also told by EPU that fibroids are nothing to worry about (learned that from my scan too) - but the book I've just bought on miscarriages says they can be a problem and my GP, after getting scan results, has written to me and asked me to go in for more scans.

And..... midwife at EPU told me I'd probably bleed for three days.... I'm now on day 14 and still also testing positive for pregnancy (is THAT normal in other people's experiences...?)

So I simply don't know who to believe or what info to trust from 'experts' - which is why real experiences here are so useful. DH is thinking now that a lot of what we were told by EPU was to 'reassure' us when we were so miserable and probably not all true. I don't want my confidence or mood boosted at the expense of the truth

Sorry everyone ... I probably sound a bit bitter but I hate conflicting contradictory info when it comes from medical establishment especially ...

MmeLindt Fri 26-Jun-09 11:52:36

Are you taking iron supplements? You can take them in tablet form or get some Floradix

It sounds like you could be a bit anaemic adn that can cause the headaches/run down feeling.

Drink a glass of orange juice, or something containing Vit C when you take the iron, and avoid coffee, black tea and milk products for an hour after taking it.

I had a day or two of bleeding, then nothing then it came back for about a week.

EldonAve Fri 26-Jun-09 11:57:47

Were you given ABs to take after the ERPC?

JustShaggy Sat 27-Jun-09 16:57:02

EldonAve - no, I wasn't given antibiotics after the surgery. I was given an ecg before the surgery. I was told I'd be given antibiotics if I got an infection. It doesn't correlate with what the heart specialist told me many years ago - but I was told now that that was 'the old way of doing things'.

I am still taking pregnancy multivitamins MmeLindt and I am eating oranges every day. Specifically asked epu about anaemia when I called them and was told that my haemoglobin levels would have been tested before surgery and I should be ok on that level. Doesn't quite make sense to me though since all the bleeding (which I would have thought could lead to anaemia) is post-surgery. I am also taking borocca fizzy tabs

Having a horrible day today. No bleeding at all yesterday and none all night and was beginning to feel like I'd turned a corner..... but have just started bleeding again this afternoon accompanied by cramping. PLUS did a pregnancy test and am till testing positive. Also just saw that my fertility monitor suggests I should wait for TWO cycles before using it to try get pregnant - I'd been thinking the while time I just needed to wait for one. So I am triple-ly fed-up and miserable now.

timmette Sat 27-Jun-09 17:28:01

I also had this procedure and bled for 3 days - my gyane said if over 10 days and or passing clots - she would want to see me again - as there may be a bit of retained product left behind which could cause an infection. I do think you should go see a doctor.

EldonAve Sat 27-Jun-09 17:30:10

The ABs seem to depend on which hosp you go to - I got them as routine

I would go and see your GP esp as you have cramping
He/she can then check your iron levels and if necessary get you another scan to check you don't have any retained tissue

Sorry you are going through this

Mouette Thu 02-Jul-09 19:47:33

Dear Justshaggy

I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. I bled for a month after my miscarriage (at 17 weeks). I think you should ask your GP to send you for a scan - just to check there's nothing left behind. After my second pregnancy I was low on iron so my GP prescribed some iron tablets. That might help - if you're really low on iron you might not be able to get enough from your diet.
I wouldn't worry too much about the fertility monitor - we tried again as soon as I had stopped bleeding and I got pregnant again after just 3 months. There is no increased risk of miscarriage if you get pregnant soon after a mc.

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