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Weight loss in pregnancy

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franfoxy2003 Fri 12-Jun-09 22:27:43

Just wondered what u lovely mumsnetters would say basically I'm 27 weeks 2nd pregnancy and have realised I have lost 2 stone in weight since I was 15 weeks, been eating normally etc no morning sickness anymore either, normally weigh a hefty 15 stone size 16 but am now 13 stone n clothes too big! Got midwife Monday do u think it's worth mentioning it to her as I'm a bit concerned!

jenhden Sat 13-Jun-09 09:24:44

i would mention it but if you're eating healthily i wouldn't worry - i went to slimming world in my last pregnancy - its all endorsed by the relevant experts for pregnancy by the way (i was constantly getting lectured by friends about dieting in pregnancy but its healthy versus snickers for me!!)

anyway i had to take the pack from thegroup to the midwife and have her tell me a safe amount to lose and she told me that you should put on 1.5 stones in pregnancy so as long as you don't go under healthy weight plus that its fine.

the only thing was when i was breastfeeding the midwife told me to eat some higher fat foods to optimise milk - i.e cheese, full fat yoghurt etc.

also some people have their head stuck down the loo for the whole pregnancy and they get really rubbish nutrition so at least you're being healthy!

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