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Smear Test

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Pinkcaz Fri 12-Jun-09 09:59:22

Hello Everyone,

I have had a letter from my doctor today to ask me to book for a cervical smear test, and not sure if it is the best time to go for it.

I am 25, 19 weeks pregnant and just changed doctors which is probably why this has been flagged up however in 2006/7 (can't remember exactly sorry) I had one because i was getting quite a few UTI's and it came back clear.

However I know that the tests are very sensitive so can come back all different results due to outside factors so wondered if having one while pregnant would be advisable? The last thing I want at the moment is getting stressed over waiting for results of a smear test while trying to keep my head together during the pregancy

Can anyone advise?

take care x

slushy06 Fri 12-Jun-09 10:34:31

I didn't think you were allowed one while pg. Either way they give you one just after baby is born so I would wait for that.

Pinkcaz Fri 12-Jun-09 11:22:28

Fab thanks! x

JemL Fri 12-Jun-09 12:11:45

I have to have annual smears due to previous abnormal smear and colposcopy, and I am not having my scheduled one in August, due to me being pregnant - they will do it after the baby is born.

They are supposed to give you one routinely after the baby is born, but it depends on the system your surgery has as to whether they remember!

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