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Stomach pain - ouch! Reassurance for a 1st timer

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raggie Mon 01-Jun-09 22:58:34

Might be a silly question and if so I apologise, but hey, it's my first pregnancy and my DH has just gone away for two weeks, so please forgive!

I was just getting into bed and got a sharp pain in the middle left of my abdomen (bit higher than baby would be I would think). I think it's easing now but depends on position and comes and goes . Does it sound like muscle/ligament strain, which I know is really common? I think I need to start taking it a bit easier instead of still throwing myself around like usual! I'm 14 weeks by the way and had a few pains recently.

Any reassurance? Please? how do you know if it's serious pain or non-serious pain?

NigellaTufnel Mon 01-Jun-09 23:10:32

Don't worry. I may be wind (sorry!)

You will get loads of aches and pains as your uterus grows and all your internal organs get squished.

Sleep tight tonight, and give your midwife a call tomorrow if you are worried.

You are also beyond the high risk stage for MC.

lupa Tue 02-Jun-09 13:28:32

Sounds like a muscle pain to me - I wouldn't worry too much - you'll be getting a lot more of them!

raggie Tue 02-Jun-09 17:31:18

Thank you so much for your kind and reassuring replies NigellaTufnel and lupa.

I was panicking i think as it didn't go away for AGES and my DH has just gone away for two weeks - sure normally he would reassure me. I am pretty sure now it was wind blush or a muscle strain. On the basis of this I ignored the NHS direct advice to go to A&E (at 11.30 at night! No thanks!)

Thanks again xxx

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