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Another sorry Pre-eclampsia tale... and I thought i'd got away with it this time...

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Jackaroo Thu 28-May-09 08:07:53

Hi Glimmer and MrsPotatochip et al - I thought i'd post separately rather than high-jacking others again....

so, to recap - PE from 30 weeks last time, got to 38 weeks at which point they spent 6 days inducing. Mmm.

Now at 36 weeks and obstetrician says it's PE again - the results have to come back, but given that my BP has been almost static for 6 months, and just jumped, he said it's not hypertension, essential, white coat or otherwise! I tried all of these but he wasn't having any of it! I thought maybe moving house next week? No, definitely not.

Anyway, bloods back tomorrow, so we will see, but at the moment he says we'll just keep me going for as long as possible.

But can I just say how much it sucks? all that stuff about 50% chance next time, and then usually milder, well from the evidence on here it's time someone redid the maths!

Glimmer - I am also o/seas now which does have it's plus point of continuity of care, but equally bothered by being press-ganged into c-section sooner rather than later. Hence relief that he's willing to do watchful waiting for as long as poss.

Have taken notes on childcare etc from you all Liege et al, and am calling the nursery and MIL as I type...

OK, I'm done, just wanted to "share" - Oprah style.

mspotatochip Thu 28-May-09 08:36:05

Sorry jack but I had to smile at the thought of you frantically tossing alternative options at your doctor

I have concluded that the unlikely to get it more than once thing is something of a myth as nearly everyone I know / have come across has had some form of it in subsequent pregnancies.

So is he proposing meds or straight to delivery suite do not pass go do not collect $200?

I'm sat at home on meds feeling increasingly swollen and yuch nearly half hoping my bloods are off tomorrow which is kind of sick. I was determined to try and go into labour naturally this time but I feel so unwell my resolve is weakening.

Jackaroo Thu 28-May-09 08:56:12

Exactly MPC, I'm feeling a bit off at the moment but I do remember just feeling more and more unwell.. and with DS1 on uber active mode I just cannot imagine keeping going til the bitter end -

I did go in today thinking "I hope he can see my bp's up" because at least then I wasn't imagining it, and someone else can start taking responsibility for it (except when I want to be calling the shots of course!).

As long as we've moved house next Friday before it really kicks off I don't care I think. I've been trying to positive think myself into an entirely natural labour this time, but frankly, quick, and on with the next bit might just be the way to go...

My dr is very good, copes with me firing all sorts at him!

He won't talk about meds til tomorrow/results are back but it did sound as if he was happy to do whatever to avoid going straight to the induction, which surprised and pleased me...... and the only one who would be collecting $200 would be him - but add a nought or more :-)

right, it's the witching hour here, so will endeavour to get DS bathed, fed and bed without getting my knickers in a twist.

PS Am taking some disgusting chinese herbs which she has added anti-hypertensives to - will let you know if they're a miracle worker. Not expecting them to be, but worth a go i thought.

mspotatochip Thu 28-May-09 20:07:55

Any news on bloods? I'm sat here watching my obscenely swollen leg wondering if this counts as "increased swelling" reckon it can wait until tomorrows apt. Really gross though

Jackaroo Fri 29-May-09 08:41:53

No, I should've called today for the results, but didn't realise how late it had got.. I'm assuming that if they were concerned they'd of got back to me!

Hope you get the answers you need re: leg - should you be concerned if it's jsut one leg - I would've though it would be both equally, no? let me know you're OK...

mspotatochip Fri 29-May-09 10:41:40

Exactly just one leg is just weird I reckon.

LiegeAndLief Fri 29-May-09 10:54:51

So sorry Jackaroo... although maybe the bloods will come back negative. If they haven't rung you yet they can't be very bad (hopefully?). One high blood pressure reading (especially if you're about to move house!) doesn't sound like much of a basis for diagnosing PET.

Good luck, glad you're getting the childcare sorted! Sitting around in hospitals for hours with toddlers is definitely not good for the blood pressure...

mspotatochip Fri 29-May-09 20:12:01

So a nice steady stable appointment here today. I have a headache but we're putting it down to sinuses. Last urine pcr was 20 (30 is pre e cut off with this test) and bp is holding steady on methyl dopa. They reckon if I stay steady like this we can go to 39 weeks! Good lord

and an answer to my more swollen ankle, if you've injured one before it will swell more and I have!

slight worry that my platelets seem to be on a steady dive although still a good number (220). This is exactly what happened last time hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Hope you are well jackaroo and bloods came back ok. Do you have much to do for your move??

Jackaroo Sat 30-May-09 08:58:18

Liege - whilst i've only had my bp done by the doctor once, I'd been monitoring it for 4 days by the time I saw him....

The strange thing this time is that it seems to be really affected by what I'm doing. If I put my feet up it makes a huge difference.. but I'm not questionning it, just trying to put my feet up as much as possible! 135/88 after an afternoon in bed, so that's better, as long as it stays there..

MPC - 39 weeks - impressive! good to know there's a reason for your odd (and odd!) swelling. Bugger about the platelets though.

The move is a complete pita - don't know if I mentioned (probably ) DH has been convinced to do with with a friend so no removal guys at all... also involves long drive to get hire truck etc etc.. the more I think about it, the more I think I'm just going to have to leave for the day. I cannot sit there, not doing anything, and it would be ridiculous to get my bp up for a day... DS has an extra day at nu8rsery, so that's great.

Anyway, trying not to think about it too much, but yes, still quite a lot to do.

Keep in touch.


mspotatochip Sat 30-May-09 10:16:08

mmmm day at a spa methinks? Mind you I feel so fat and miserable these days would be a total waste of money. You are right you need to get well away though because they will be doing everything WRONG and your pregnancy hormones won't let you stay out of it.

My BP did something similar raised in evenings and after effort for a few weeks before it was just raised. I'm hoping this is "just" pregnancy hypertension rather than pre e. No clinical evidence just my wanderings.

Jackaroo Sat 30-May-09 10:41:33

grin Oh DH is getting that already - he has managed to leave me incensed every day for the last week - and I'm not even thinking that I might have been a teeny bit unreasonable; but I suspect it all comes back to the removal man issue.

Yes, maybe I should spend some of all that money "we" are saving on a pg. package of massage etc.....

I did push for the pg. hypertension idea, but computer (doctor) said nah, because it's been so static, and so low up to now. But I'll keep resting just in case smile

All I really want to do actually is lie in a bath that's big enough for me (ours is a stupid "thinks it's a shower tray" job) so maybe I'll just go to a friend's house and pay her for a few quid's worth of hot water and stay in there for a couple of hours!

mspotatochip Mon 01-Jun-09 19:28:22

Hows things?

Jackaroo Mon 01-Jun-09 22:51:29

Ah, OK. Felt rubbish yesterday (Monday), but at least DS was at nursery so could has already gone pear-shaped as it's not 8am, Tuesday and already my "help" for the day is not going to happen!

Anyway, seeing the obstetrician today, and will tell him that my bp has gone up a bit more (was 130's/80, now 140's/high 80's) and feel as if I'm suffocating if I try and do anything, like I've got a plastic bag over my mouth. It's not the same as waiting for the baby to drop - my lungs feel fine. No idea if that makes sense I'm assuming it's a bp thing anyway....

So, somehow will get through another day with a very boisterous DS and tomorrow DH will be home half the day as starting to pack for our house move on Friday.

What about you?

mspotatochip Tue 02-Jun-09 00:25:08

When my bp is up I feel wired and a bit like my head is about to explode cotton wool or something. I definitely can "feel" it.

Ok here dp being made to work late (its midnight here ffs) and I can't sleep worrying about him driving back tired.

Definitely would prefer baby out than in at this stage sick of waiting to get sick(er)

Good luck entertaining ds, tv, tv and more tv they won't remember when they are eminent professors / save the world / happy well rounded adults that we loosened the rules for a few weeks around the births of their siblings At least thats what I keep telling myself!

Jackaroo Tue 02-Jun-09 04:39:38

lol, that is EXACTLY what I was worrying about to a girlfriend thsi morning - I said I didn't want him watching 20 hours of tv a week.. which he probably did in the last 7 days... but it's made a difference - and I don't know if i told you, I had a midwife/acupunturist who made me up some nasty chinese tincture - i think it's bloody working ... 130/80 today!

Ob.s was really pleased, said if this stays like this will get past 38 weeks and any induction done nearer the due date will be far easier as I will be readier to get on myself iyswim....he was baffled as to why it was so erratic, but definitely better than constantly high he thinks.

Oh, and he was worrying about the moving house - when I said I was staying away on Friday he said he was relieved!! So now I have doctor's permission to not get involved!

Horrible that DP is working so late - not what you need either. Don't worry though, just make sure he's keeping the car window open, and maybe a quick glug of coffee/coke a while before he sets off home?

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