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7+1 day pregnant, anyone else feel like crap?

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memoo Sun 08-Feb-09 13:15:51

I feel knackered, constantly sick, my hair is lank and my skin hasn't looked so bad since i was 15. Plus I don't yet look pregnant just fat!!

And i thought pregnant women were surpose to bloom!!!!!

Lionstar Sun 08-Feb-09 13:17:44

Right there with you. DP took DD out this morning just so that I could go back to bed, even though she was screaming for Mummy - true devotion to duty.

memoo Sun 08-Feb-09 13:35:38

what good dh's we have

Mine has just gone to sainsbury's

mummy2t Mon 09-Feb-09 11:38:53

i feel like crap too but my DH went to work and left me with 2 ds's - ARSEHOLE! lol i am just ina really crap mood, tired, teary the list goes on. never felt like this before

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