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bleeding & cramps at 10 weeks???

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Jayvid1 Mon 12-Jan-09 21:01:03

hi, am new 2this. Have had 2 mc and then 1 beautiful daughter, now 10 wks preg, had bleeding & pain at 5.1/2 wks & now experiencing the same @ 10 wks, tests & docs say am still preg but not convinced. Have to wait another 2 weeks for a scan, has anyone else experienced anything like this, would really appreciate any comments as am worried & just wish i knew either way, thanks J

SheWillBeLoved Mon 12-Jan-09 21:06:16

Can you not call your EPU and ask for an emergency scan? Explain your past miscarriages and that you've had bleeding before in this pregnancy.

I think expecting anyone going through this to wait 2 weeks for a scan is awful. After my bleeding I was booked in for and given a scan within 3 days.

Jayvid1 Mon 12-Jan-09 21:12:16

thanks, midwife says i have to wait, i think they are just saving money these days!!!! plan to call her again in the morning as still in pain and remind her i have high risk of ectopic aswell and have my daughter to think of, thanks for reply J

Jayvid1 Tue 13-Jan-09 20:58:34

hi does anyone have any ideas for our second child, our 2 year old daughter is Arabella and am finding it a hard one to follow? THANKS

lydiathetattooedlady Tue 13-Jan-09 21:06:57

hi didnt want to leave this unanswered but my friend had recently gone through same thing as you, sh's miscarried, then suspected ectopic in this pregnancy about 5 weeks, had a very heavy and painful bleed, like you had to wait for scan as it was over the xmas period, thankfully scan showed everythignwas fine and was told it was just "one of those things" as they cant offer any explanation for the bleed. hope this helps to ease your worry at least a little x

Jayvid1 Tue 13-Jan-09 21:51:25

thanks so much x

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