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Anyone on Metformin and Insulin for Gestational Diabetes?

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FunkySnail Mon 05-Jan-09 20:46:25


I got put on Insulin on New Years Eve as I was told I was on the maximum dose of Metformin but I was surprised that I had to keep taking the Metformin aswell. I started off with 4 units in the morning and 2 at night though over the past 5 days this was reduced to 3 and 1 and today I got told don't have the evening dose just 2 tomorrow morning as I've been having mild hypos. When I got low blood sugars on just the Metformin I don't feel any different but I definately feel symptoms with a low sugar caused by the insulin. My post meal readings are higher and I believe that's cos I'm going too low pre meals even though I'm trying to snack in between to keep pre meal readings above 4.0.

Anyone have similar a similar experience?

MaHumbug Tue 06-Jan-09 20:13:33

I don't think I was on metformin.

How are you being monitored? Are you going weekly or are you giving your results over the phone? I would phone the diabetic clinic if you go over the upper or lower limits for more advice.


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