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EPO during pregnancy? does anyone else take it?

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olivo Mon 29-Dec-08 09:03:16

I'm a bit confused and wondered if anyone could advise! I read somewhere (probably on here!!) that if you take EPO whilst ttc, you should only take it up to the day you ovulate. This implied to me that it was not safe if you are pg. I am now 5+3 and want to start taking mumomega along with my pronatal, as i am a non fish eating veggie. i notice it contains EPO as well as fish oils. Obviously, they wouldnt put it in if it wasn't safe. can anyone explain why yuo shouldnt have it in the last half of yuor cycle, or is it something to do with the actual dose?

PuzzleRocks Mon 29-Dec-08 17:16:28


olivo Mon 29-Dec-08 18:08:41

thanks puzzlerock smile

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