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painting while pregnant

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threeangels Fri 14-Mar-03 14:07:00

Hi everyone - I was just wondering if anyone here knows if those masks ou can where over your face are good enough to use for paint fumes. I am planning to paint my 2 childrens rooms this weekend but am 8 wks pregnant. I know you should never be around fresh paint fumes when expecting (especially in the first trimester). Do you think the mask will keep me safe from the fumes. Dh says for the most part but not 100%. I don't want to take any chances though. Thanks for your advice.

Rhubarb Fri 14-Mar-03 14:48:33

Threeangels - I thought paint fumes are now ok, lead and mercury were the major culprits but haven't they stopped using those now? I think nothing works better than having all the windows open. I pained our new house when I was preggers without problems. However if you have a Wilkinson's in your area, look in there. There are special masks you can get for when you strip old paint off, so I should imagine DIY shops would be able to help.

Oakmaiden Fri 14-Mar-03 15:16:25

I believe current advice is still to avoid paint fumes, especially during the first trimester. Can you not put it off for a few weeks? If it HAS to be done now then I would be more inclined to rely on open windows (as Rhubarb suggests) than paint masks (unless you are stripping old paint too?). I just don't think those masks make a lot of difference...

Katherine Fri 14-Mar-03 15:38:33

I think the masks keep out dust rather than fumes. That said as long as the room is well ventilated you should be fine. I've done all manner of decorating during my pgs (its the only time we get anything done ) and it never did my babies any harm. I try to avoid glossing as the fumes are a bit strong and can make you feel sick when pg (or any other time) but emusion is fine.

Also you could always look for some of the child friendly paint. They do all sorts now and a lot is meant to be fume free and solvent free so if you are worried then I'd look for something like that. But as long as you've not got your head over the tin for several hours on end I think you'll be fine. Happy painting.

threeangels Fri 14-Mar-03 20:46:10

Thanks everyone for the advice. I'll keep the windows open for sure. Your probally right about the masks not being all that helpful. I probally could wait a few more weeks to paint. I just wanted to get it out of the way now while still early in my pregnancy. I also have border to put up and only God knows how I am going to do it. I have never done it before around a room. Thanks again

Joe1 Sun 16-Mar-03 00:08:21

I decorated my bathroom while I was pregnant with dd, windows open and used a mask which did keep alot of the fumes away and had lots of breaks away from the paint, all was ok.

threeangels Sun 16-Mar-03 01:49:27

Thanks Joe1 - I didnt do any painting today. I think I will wait a few more weeks when I'm about to enter the second trimester. Maybe I'll give the masks a try since you have used them and feel they helped. Any help is better then none I guess. Thanks

robinw Sun 16-Mar-03 07:13:50

message withdrawn

Janeway Sun 16-Mar-03 07:26:51

threeangels - have you bought the paint yet ? The best way to avoid harmful fumes is to buy a paint that doesn't have harmful pigments or solvents in (nasty paints give off toxins for longer than you can smell the solvent) - Try Auro Organic paints or I believe the big DIY chains are starting to do low odour paints, low in VOCs (the nasties you're trying to avoid) - look on the lable. HTH

threeangels Sun 16-Mar-03 12:33:22

Janeway - I havent bought the paint yet. I havent really checked into the different kinds so I think I will before I purchase.

artyjoe Tue 25-May-04 14:13:15

I am an artist who paints with oil paint and am 5 weeks pregnant. Does anyone know where I can gain information regarding whether I can continue to paint? I am not having much luck and any 'people' I have spoken to won't give me advice and claim they have no idea, even those who supply paints in the industry! Any advice would be appreciated.

Branster Tue 25-May-04 14:20:45

artyjoe, what an interesting question! it never occured to me. i have no idea what the answer is. i used to paint a lot when pregnant (i whish i'd still have the time) , but used acrylics. have no idea about how dangerous they would be, but at least acrylics don't smell. Could you switch from oils to acrylics whils pregnant? until you find the answer...

Janh Tue 25-May-04 14:27:15

artyjoe, I found this via Ask Jeeves (google let me down for once!)

expatkat Tue 25-May-04 15:48:27

I have several friends who are serious painters, one of whom has been pregnant--twice!-- and painted all the way through both pregnancies. For her, there was no choice. Her identity as an artist comes first (for her). Also she had several shows in museums and galleries because--of all the luck--her career took off at the same time of her pregnancies. So she had deadlines she had to meet no matter what. I suppose the long-term effects of the paint are impossible to know, but if you're worried about short-term terotagenic chemicals that could affect the fetus, I *can* say, by way of paltry, anecdotal reassurance, that my friend had two healthy babies and she continued using the whole spectrum of paints and chemicals, as far as I know.

BCLass Thu 05-Apr-07 21:14:31

Have you tried Ecos Organic paints? I painted our living room with this in the middle of winter so no open windows etc. It has absolutely no smell at all (I am very sensitive to smells) and no solvents or nasties. Whereas when I painted with Crown no odour paint I found that it did smell a bit and the next day my eyes stung like mad.
I cannot recommend Ecos organic Paints highly enough, though admitedly its not as cheap as Crown/Dulux/whatever.
I used the Alabaster to cover signal box red and it covered as well as any conventional paint I thought.


ecomummi Wed 26-Aug-09 16:48:39

I have just painted my baby's nursery with Pots of Paint a totally natural paint which smells really citrusy and doesn't have any of the nasty chemicals in. It had a lovely finish. I have also used the gloss paint on our windows which is great too.

bubblesincambridge Thu 27-Aug-09 16:32:01

Make DH do the painting and give yourself a break!

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