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2nd Pregnancy 6 months after emergency c-section

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Joseyjo Fri 18-Mar-05 17:16:44

is anyone else in this situation or has been recently?
i am 11w2 and am experiencing the "normal" ligament and muscle stretching associated with pregnancy, however the scar tissue in the muscle (so not in exactly the same place as the skin scar) is quite tender. has anyone else experienced this and is it normal or should i worry?
i am hopefully going to speak to the midwife on monday, but in the mean time.... any opinions?

cp3 Fri 18-Mar-05 18:20:15

I also got preganant 6 months after my first c section. I had one side that was sore and itchy but not really that bothersome. Now after the 2nd c section it is alot better. Now for the 3rd in November we will see what happens then.

I would check with the doc if it gets any worse otherwise just put it down to your muscles stretching. Hope your ok. Take Care

kid Fri 18-Mar-05 18:24:07

I was advised after my first section, not to fall pregnant for 1 year, but I know loads of other people that were not told that. The Dr must be aware of your previous section and if they are not bothered by it, then you shouldn't.

No harm in getting them to check though.

Joseyjo Fri 18-Mar-05 20:45:52

we were not given any advice about waiting (although we did ask) and I fell pregnant just 4 months after the emergency c-section.
i am going back for my nuchal scan next week, so i might ask the consultant then. it is not too bad today, but it was really quite uncomfortable last night.

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