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Low amniotic fluid at 33 weeks - what are the implications? Any experiences welcomed.

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hattyyellow Mon 03-Nov-08 14:43:45

At my scan last week at 32+4, the consultant mentioned that my levels of amniotic fluid were "relatively low".

The notes say that I'm measuring 81mm on the Amnoitic Fluid Index, plotting between the 2.5th and 5th centile for gestation.

The consultant is getting me back for a follow up scan at the end of next week to measure the levels again and said not to be "unduly worried" but I'm finding it hard not to think about it! The baby is growing well, 4lb7oz current estimated weight, and is active which he said are good signs.

I'm trying to ban myself from googling -so any knowledge/experience on this subject would be much appreciated!

I've just been put back on track for a normal vaginal delivery after the hospital suspecting placenta previa for the last few months so I'm wondering also what the implications are for birth if I do have continuing low fluid levels.

I had a section with my last pregnancy and the consultant said they would not induce me due to this..

hattyyellow Mon 03-Nov-08 17:04:07


CookieMonster2 Mon 03-Nov-08 17:45:32

I wouldn't worry about 'relatively low'. They have to get a lot lower than that before you have real problems. If they think the baby is 4lb 7oz at 32 weeks then you are fine. My first was 4lb 7oz at full term due to loads of problems, including low amniotic fluid.
At this stage it looks as though everything is fine for you, but I guess they just want to check it doesn't get much lower.

hattyyellow Mon 03-Nov-08 17:50:22

Thanks so much cookiemonster that's reassuring. Will be relieved if scan shows all is okay.

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