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Private pregnancy care in Wales?

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Nessarebecca Wed 29-Oct-08 14:29:57

Hi there,
I've just discovered
I'm pregnant. I'm happy and over the moon on one hand, having only recently moved to the UK, I'm absolutely lost on how to go about pregnancy care.

Some details:
20 years ago I had a major op and was told I could't have kids. To keep "everything down there" quiet, I had to take the pill. In 2005 I decided to try for a baby and got pregnant within months. This baby was delivered by C-section because of my history and other problems. Then in 2007 I had another baby who was delivered by C-section because of the above reasons( so all in all my third op in the same place).
Now the baby that's due at beginning of July will definitely be another C-section and a higher risk pregnancy because I' 44 and... the above reasons.

In Germany we have private hospitals for childbirth and pregnancy care that are absolutely top of what luxury can be. Scans, whenever you want one, private en-suite rooms, your private obstetrician 24/7.

And actually that's what I'am looking for here in Britain.
I've found the "Portland Hospital" in London which is closest to what I had in Germany.
But: We live in Wales. London is simply too far away in case of... whatever

Now my question to you:
Is there a private hospital in Wales, preferably Swansea, that is similar to the one mentioned above?

And: How do I go about ante-natal care in general? Do I have to see a NHS GP or are there private gynocologists available?

This may sound absolutely posh and over the top. Sorry for that, but that's all I know and I'm actually a bit at a loss.(And sorry for my English, you might have noticed by now I'm not a native speaker)

Thanks for any advice


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