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early scan shows no sac but lots of pregnancy symptoms!

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ellaeleven Mon 13-Oct-08 22:53:20

I had a vaginal ultrasound today after having on off abdominal pains and a visit to a&e last week. I am testing pregnant, have lots of physical symptoms, they checked ovaries and tube in case of ectopic. My hcg levels have doubled from 900 to 2000 in last two days so they expected to see at least a sac even though I am only 4+4. Having seen no sac but womb lining thickening and closed cervix they said perhaps the pregnancy just has'nt taken and I should perhaps prepare to miscarry. Have to go back tomorrow for more blood tests. My question is (sorry for going on) has anyone had high hcg levels, had nothing show up on an early scan and go on to have a viable pregnancy? Sorry but the 'just wait and see' is agonising.

corblimeymadam Mon 13-Oct-08 23:24:51

Message withdrawn

ellaeleven Mon 13-Oct-08 23:54:00

Thank you so much for taking the time out to post that belgianbun. I'm feeling pretty down, never had a miscarriage before and feel a bit terrified but your words have brought some comfort so a big thank you. X

kd73 Tue 14-Oct-08 07:36:04

I've had 2 m/c previously and so have been monitored carefully during this pg (30wks). Like belgianbun, I was warned at 6 wks scan nothing would be seen and this was true of the abdmoninal scan, the internal scan revealed a flicker of a hb.

The fears you are experiencing are completely normal and regretfully you have to ride with them.

Good luck and I hope it is good news smile

Millie26 Tue 14-Oct-08 14:10:34

This happened to me and they couldnt see anything and presumed it was ectopic as I had a cycst around my f/tube.

You need a level of at least 1000 to see a sac so if you have a scan at more than 2000 and they cant see anything then that is unheard of so you probably are pregnant but they just cant see it yet, especially as your boods are rising properly.

Fingers crossed for you...

CS7 Tue 14-Oct-08 15:08:17

Just wanted to say... good luck! x

ellaeleven Tue 14-Oct-08 17:32:18

I really appreciate your messages. Went for more blood tests this morning to see if hcg levels are still doubling and waiting for a phone call to tell me what will happen next. If the pregnancy hasn't 'taken' my body must be so confused to still be acting this way. Just want to know where the egg has gone, almost feel like a fraud! I'm so glad your experiences turned out well. Thankyou again, X

MrsMcJnr Tue 14-Oct-08 21:19:47

No real advice but I just wanted to post for you. I have been through a similar waiting game when pregnant and it is so hard to think of anything else. Try to stay as positive as you can, that helped me x

Champagneforlunch Tue 14-Oct-08 22:07:46

I went through almost exactly the same last week. I had an early scan a week past Thursday at what should have been five weeks due to pain in my side. They couldn't see anything other than thickened lining so though may be ectopic (which should have explained the pain). Blood tests at the time came back inconclusive and as it was a holiday weekend here last week had to wait till Tuesday for second lot of blood tests. After a horrible weekend being told not to stray to far from a hospital incase the pain got worse. Went for follow up bloods on Tuesday last week and they thought they would try and scan just in case and they saw the sac very very small, think in was about 6mm or something, but measuring about four weeks and in the right place. They took bloods again just to make sure which must have been ok as they didn't phone back. Now got to wait another two weeks for a scan to make sure everything is still ok.

liahgen Tue 14-Oct-08 22:57:39

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but have you heard of a Molar Pg?

With this, the levels of HCG are usually very high but no fetus actually develops.

I know that doesn't sound very positive, I'm sure it's just early days as molars are relatively rare.

Hope things work out for you.

MrsMcJnr Wed 15-Oct-08 22:07:58

Champagneforlunch - what a rollercoaster you have been on! shock So glad to hear that the sac is there, everything crossed for you. For what it's worth, I'm about 5 1/2 weeks pg at the mo and had a scan 2 weeks ago and the sac measured 2mm so I guess it can be down to the accuracy of the equipment. I had such an early scan as I need to be medicated in pg but need to know first that pg is not ectopic x

pregnantDanni Wed 22-Oct-08 18:11:33

no need to worry the same thing happend to me i had my first scan and they saw nothing i was realy worried but i was only 4 weeks it was just too early to see anything iv naw had my dateing scan at 8 weeks and 5 days n got a pic and everythings fine so dont worry its just too early to see the little one yet x

Peaches174 Thu 23-Oct-08 13:11:25

I had a similar ex too - went to ep scan due to light bleeding and back ache and they told me there was a sac but no baby when according to my dates I was 8 weeks.

Was told either dates were wrong and all ok or that I should prepare to miscarry at anytime.

Had to wait 2 weeks for a scan which was agony but am now 17 weeks and worrying about stretching pains!! (i think one thing which is a constant during 1st pregnancies is anxiety!)

Good luck - am sure you will be fine if you are having lots of other good preg signs.

fingerscrossed85 Fri 05-Dec-08 20:29:39

Hi there,

Please help!
I have been poorly with really heavy cold all this week and yesterday went to toilet and found brown discharge...last period started 11th October so should in theory be 8 weeks preg tomorrow. Rang early preg unit in a panic after discovering discharge and they booked me in a scan for earlier today. When i had my scan (both external and internal) they found sack but they couldn't see anything inside. They then told me by the measurements i was between 5 and 6 weeks preg and so baby could be too small to see since it is about size of fingernail. i am booked in for another scan next friday to check sack but nurse seemed quite negative and warned me the sack might shrink or i could have a miscarriage. Is she just preparing me for worst case scenario or do they know something that they are not telling me???
I am really scared, this is my first pregnancy and have been trying to get pregnant since Feb this year!! Would be devasted if anything went wrong

madrush Fri 05-Dec-08 20:32:48

I was told I'd miscarried in BOTH my healthy pregnancies when scanned at 6 weeks ish. I have two lovely dds.

Keep your hopes up, I genuinely think it's really hard to tell what's happening in these early weeks. Fingers crossed for good news next week.

brettgirl2 Fri 05-Dec-08 20:33:03

If it is possible that you could be 5 weeks then this isn't necessarily bad news. When I had bleeding I found that GP was pretty frank about the fact that I may be miscarrying. I was told that when there is bleeding there is a 50:50 chance.

Carax Tue 06-Oct-09 14:52:26

Hi All.
I Found Out Last Week That I was pregnant and went for a scan yesterday as i had an eptopic a few years back. on the scan all they could see was the ges sac, they said that it was possibly too early to see the yolk sac or fetus yet, but then i had a phone call this morning saying that my blood tests were quite high which indicated that they should have seen something on my scan. i have to go back for more blood tests tomorrow. ive had no pains or bleeding or anything, is this something to worry about?

Den26 Tue 06-Oct-09 15:43:52

Hi carax sorry i can't be much help, just didn't want your post to go unnoticed. I guess you'll know more tomorrow but the waiting is dreadful, hopefuly someone else can be of more help. Good luck.

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