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transverse lie at 36 wks, being offered an ECV - Any advice welcome please on either

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LadyBuzz Mon 06-Oct-08 19:12:21

I am 36 wks with DC2 and baby is transverse and has been for approximately 3 weeks now, I had an appointment this morning as I had an emcs last time round. They said it was too early to decide on an elcs and have asked me to go to the ECV clinic next week - but not necessarily for an ECV. I understand the baby will maybe turn naturally before then.
Has anyone had any experience with this or even just of an ECV I'm not keen on the idea and would welcome ANY advice.


frogs Mon 06-Oct-08 19:14:59

Loads of threads on ECV, check the archives. Definitely easier on the body than a CS, and more likely to work if it's not your first baby. Don't believe the horror stories.

nulgirl Mon 06-Oct-08 19:29:52

am kind of in the same situation as you as am 35 weeks with dc2 who is breech (and has always been) . DD was born by elective cs as she was also breech. I had been told that they didn't carry out ecvs if you had had a previous cs.

Am seeing the consultant tomorrow to see what my options are. Am keen to have a VBAC so will be asking about ecv.

As far as I know if your baby doesn't turn (either by ecv or naturally) then you will need another section.

LadyBuzz Mon 06-Oct-08 20:19:46

Thanks Frogs I have been having a good read - there is some valuable info there.
nulgirl the consultant who told me that baby was transverse also told me they wouldn't attempt an ECV after a CS too, so I was a little surprised when it was mentioned this morning.
I know if it stays transverse it will be a def elcs but I have got my had round tht so i'm not too worried as DSs birth was quite traumatic for both me and DH.
Good luck with your appointment I hope it works out the way you want it too.

epponneerae Tue 07-Oct-08 03:10:58

i found out my baby was breech at 35 weeks and went for an ECV at 38 weeks. The procedure was unsuccessful for me and i am now booked in for a ecs.
I honestly think that the success rate is based on the experience of the staff attempting the turn and the level of information given prior to the procedure. I was told by the hospital that it would be 'uncomfortable', however i found it horribly painful and had to ask the two doctors to stop after three attempts to turn the baby. Perhaps more should be done to offer women some form of pain relief which would possibly make the success rate higher?
I don't regret trying though, although i (possibly foolishly) didn't really believe lots of people on threads on the board who have talked about the procedure being painful. If i had, i think i would have been more prepared.
Fingers crossed that your baby turns though, there's still time!

katierocket Tue 07-Oct-08 03:50:41

I had an ECV that was successful. It was fine, yes slightly uncomfortable but really OK.

lecohen Tue 07-Oct-08 08:55:18

Hi there, I am 31 weeks + 3 days and baby has been transverse for about 2 to 3 weeks. I had c-sec with dd and apparently the scar tissue may influence the babies lie. ie. more comfy this way (according to my M/W).

If the baby doesn't turn, I will prob not attempt a version as I have heard too many horror stories and I wouldn't want to risk it... unless the person performing it is VERY experienced and can reassure me somewhat. I am a real worrier.

Fortunately my c-sec wasn't too traumatic so I know what to expect - ish

Lets hope our cheeky babies turn lol x

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