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Catarrh in pregnancy - what can I do?

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carlottawales Mon 22-Sep-08 12:12:24

With my last pregnancy I had catarrh which cleared up around 13 weeks. This time it is showing no signs of abating at 22 weeks.
Has anybody else experienced the same thing or know what I can take to relieve it? All the remedies I've looked at are not suitable for use during pregnancy.

PollyFlinders Tue 23-Sep-08 05:06:25

I had this as well - one GP prescribed me Sudafed in a previous pregnancy, but my GP this time around said it's not really advised.

In the end I used nasal saline spray, Olbas oil on my pillow and menthol inhalants (think you can buy really cheap ones from the pharmacy that blow your head off if you put them in boiling water and inhale).

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