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cervix during pregnancy -how should it feel?

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GYo Thu 18-Sep-08 22:04:12

Im 14.5wks and have had discomfort in what i think is my cervix, similar to what I felt with my coil at times, achyness that comes and goes. its been worse in last two days.
Am a bit worried that maybe its a weak cervix. So I had a feel and it feels quite soft compared to pre-pregnancy.
Is that normal?
Any midwives around to advise?
Thank u.

GYo Fri 19-Sep-08 08:04:00


CaptainKarvol Fri 19-Sep-08 08:06:03

I'm not a midwife, but I believe that soft is totally normal in pregnancy. I'm about a week behind you (just coming up to 14 weeks) and mine is very soft. No achiness though, so can't advise on that.

GYo Fri 19-Sep-08 08:12:56

Thanks Captain. Its probably just the beany wriggling about and pushing onto it but I was a bit worried about having a weak cervix.

Im about to go to the US for 2wks for work- very keen to go so would be gutted if I was told to stay at home!

ajm200 Fri 19-Sep-08 08:48:08

I'm not a midwife but soft is normal in pregnancy as are the odd ache and pain. Everything is changing and stretching to accomodate baby.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, you might feel regular stabbing pains in your vagina as your cervix starts to shorten and open.

These are the bits of pregnancy that no-one tells you about. Wait until you get a baby foot regularly kicking you in the ribs. We may be designed to carry babies but no-one thought about comfort.

Enjoy your trip to America and remember to drink lots of water on the flight as you may get very dehydrated and move around lot if you can. I travelled to florida in my first trimester and it can be fairly uncomfortable with baby on board.

GYo Fri 19-Sep-08 08:55:08

Hi Ajm- thanks for words of re-assurance. It is funny that there is so much no one tells you about in pregnancy (am loving that thread about that very topic thats going at the moment!)

Thanks too for the flight advice. Im very fortunate to be able to fly business class so I can get up and down very easily from my seat, so can drink tons of water and also lie flat for a sleep so I am hoping it wont be too painful.

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