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putch Thu 18-Sep-08 20:03:20


Last year I was happily pregnany only to miscarry at 5 months. Sinse then i have been trying to fall pregnant again. My periods were everywhere and it was questioned whether I was ovulating. so the hospital put me on clomid 50mg. sinse then my periods have been like clockwork - 30 days, however after 6 months i am still not pregnant. i am off to see the doctor in hospital next month and i have been informed that they may not give me another dose of clomid. had anyone out there not had success with clomid and had to take the next step. what are the next steps? any clues would be helpful before i see the doctor...

many thanks

Dory82 Thu 04-Jun-09 14:13:11

hello putch

I have two attempts of clomid left my doc said for me if clomid doesnt work then IVF is the next step it might not be the case for you, are situations may be different. I have tube damage not an ovulation problem. so the chances of clomid working are slim but worth a try. had they upped your dose at any time i have heard alot of people having theirs upped to 100mg, may be you can ask your doc about that.

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