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31 weeks - another UTI, early labour? HELP!

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Pontypine Fri 12-Sep-08 16:08:47

Hi everyone!
I need a bit of support here and pretty much some reassurance that i am feeling normal things!!

I have just spent 3 days in hospital with my 2nd UTI which has decided to bring on contractions (3rd pregnancy and all that).

anyway, without complaining about the crapy care i received while in Maternity unit, i am very reluctant to go back up there unless my waters break or i have a head hanging out of me! I am booked in for a C section and i know that i need to be rushed down to theatre as soon as anything happens but i am not going to spend any more time stuck in a room on my own having to explain the same thing to every midwife who comes and sees me and being told different information by each one!

The questions i have are relating to feelings i can.....well....feel! and i should i be worried at all?

They are:
Severe tightness across the top of my bump above my belly button. i am hoping this is just stretching and is normal.

Really really sensitive to all movements. I can feel every limb and every tiny movement he makes. I have NEVER experienced this in pregnancy before

Feeling like he is about to come out of my bits. Seriously, he pushes down and i feel almost like if i put my finger inside me i would feel a foot or a head coming out! (almost like a pulsing feeling)

Feeling like my waters are going to break! when he does the pushy down in the foof thing (see above) i do wonder what would happen if i strained, sneezed or relaxed - would my waters break or would i wet myself?

Is anyone else having this same thing? has anyone felt what i can feel?

Also, if my pains don't stop, would they do me a C section now? I don't want him this early and i am a little scared!!

RandomIdiot Fri 12-Sep-08 16:16:09

If you seriously think you are in labour you have to go and be seen.

If you are in labour they can try and give you drugs to stop contractions.

Also at 31 weeks you should probably be offered steroids to mature baby's lungs.

Prematuer labout can be very quick. Please don't leave it too late.

If they can't stop things then prospects are pretty good at 31wks - although Lo could be in SCBU for a couple of months.

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