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my fanny feels like its been bruised

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misdee Thu 04-Sep-08 14:19:26

never had this before but know it can happen in the 3rd trimester. its quite uncomfortable.

any thing i can do to ease the bruised feeling?

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 04-Sep-08 14:21:06

Message withdrawn

LackaDAISYcal Thu 04-Sep-08 14:26:12

rest rest and more rest misdee smile. It isn't SPD is it? mine feels like I've been kicked, several times, by someone wearing hobnailed boots.

PMSL at 5 rounds of sex with a donkey SM grin

Still, not long to go now! <ducks as SM throws something on hearing that statement for the 100th time this week>

misdee Thu 04-Sep-08 14:29:41

could be part of the spd. am stil lwaiting on physio referral to come through. surprisingly my hips feel ok today, just a bit sore on one side. nothing like last week when i was hobbling when walking.

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 04-Sep-08 14:29:52

Message withdrawn

waitingtobloom Thu 04-Sep-08 14:32:06

Weight of baby being engaged? I too feel like I have met with that donkey (39+6) - donkey gets around a bit doesnt he!

Am not getting any "not long now" comments - just "ooh it could be another 2 weeks yet" comments. Both deserve instant death (perhaps by donkey).

Strangely in rather good mood today...


misdee Thu 04-Sep-08 14:32:49

i still have 12 weeks to go!!

LackaDAISYcal Thu 04-Sep-08 14:33:26

crosses legs and flees from donkey grin

LazyLinePainterJane Thu 04-Sep-08 14:37:31

I have this and am 30 weeks. Reallt painful, especialy if I have been sitting down for a while and at night when I turn over.

I asked the midwife about it this week and she said to do lots of pelvic floors but top watch out for any regularness to the pain as it could mean imminent things. So I assume it is baby pressure in a downwards direction.

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 04-Sep-08 14:48:52

Message withdrawn

LackaDAISYcal Thu 04-Sep-08 14:54:43

if it's down to SPD or strain on the pubis symphisis joint due to dodgy ligaments then pelvic floors and deep abdominals help to tighten everything back up and take the strain off the joint. A good one for SPD is outting a cushion or bean bag between your knees and squeezing your thighs together.

If on the other hand it's just pelvic ache from the weight of an 8lb baby using your pelvis and soft tissue as a trampoline then not sure exercises will do any good at all.

WMMC started a thread not long before she had her baby saying she'd had a look and was horrified at just how swollen it all was down has made me determined not to look at all!

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 04-Sep-08 15:00:05

Message withdrawn

misdee Thu 04-Sep-08 15:03:38

with a nmirror.

i am refusing to look/

biglips Thu 04-Sep-08 15:06:16

same mine been feeling like that too bloody long!!....and its all swollen down there too! blush

LackaDAISYcal Thu 04-Sep-08 15:56:58

pmsl're appropriately named then? grin

MrsMattie Thu 04-Sep-08 16:01:21

Sounds like classic SPD to me

You have my sympathies!

biglips Thu 04-Sep-08 16:09:10

yyessss i know grin

LazyLinePainterJane Thu 04-Sep-08 20:30:07

Well, I did wonder if it was SPD, as was unsure as to how pelvic floors could make a difference if it was simply baby weight.

It's fuckin' horrid!

accessorizequeen Thu 04-Sep-08 21:02:00

misdee, does sound like spd, I developed it a few weeks ago (now 36 weeks). The antenatal physio suggested a gym ball for at home, which I am yet to buy but it felt wonderful when i tried out hers - do you have one around or could you borrow as it's so hard to get comfortable in chair or sofa isn't it? Have you read anything about spd yet as the best advice I was given was to 'keep your legs together' as much as possible. Staying off the floor also a v.good idea, crouching is a killer although with a 20 month old it's hard to avoid all the time! If you can manage to rest more, not carry things, take the stairs one step at a time etc, might start to feel better. I did until this week when dt's are just getting too enormous!

Thomcat Thu 04-Sep-08 21:06:13

Sit down love!

Mine felt...'heavy'. And achey.

Feet up woman, that's all there is to it.

misdee Fri 05-Sep-08 09:27:04

am wondering if it worse atm as i catrried dd3 alot over sunday/monday when she was at hospital.

LackaDAISYcal Fri 05-Sep-08 11:03:55

that's likely misdee. I hgad to carry DD from the car to school and back (about 200yds eache way) on Wednesday afternoon and I felt really achey and sore yesterday.

Take it easy smile

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