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Bugaboo Bee versus Gecko or alternative?

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Aubergenie Tue 05-Aug-08 08:02:46

Ladies, I need your wisdom on the confusing world of pushchairs/travel systems. We're lucky enough that grandparents are contributing towards the cost and we were looking at the Bee or the Gecko. Main issues for us are space (we live in a 1-bedroom flat) and steps (our flat is down about 6 fairly narrow steps so the pushchair will need to be bumped up and down every time we go in or out, or folded and carried).

We liked the Quinny Buzz but it's too wide for the steps and seems quite heavy. The bee is light and narrow too, but I wondered how long the average-sized toddler would last in it as it looks very small.

Has anyone got strong feelings one way or the other on either Bugaboo. Or can anyone suggest a suitable alternative? It's all making my head spin...

2point4kids Tue 05-Aug-08 08:08:10

Gecko only folds in 2 parts and is much bigger folded so space wise you;d be better with the Bee.

I have the Bee for DS2 and my DS1 (fairly tall) looked ok in it up till about 2.5 if that helps. He is nearly 3 now and still gets in it for a laugh (when I am trying to put the baby in lol) but does look a bit ridiculous now.

I love the Bee. I used it from newborn and with the cosytoes its lovely and snug when layed flat.

MiniMarmite Tue 05-Aug-08 08:23:26

Hi Aubergienie, We've just bought the Stokke Xplory which is a similar price to the bugaboo. Our baby hasn't arrived yet so not much practical experience of it but it does have a function where you can fold the wheels in and push the pram down the stairs with the baby in without needing help.

It is a similar size to the bugaboo chameleon though so not sure if this is bigger than you are looking for.

We got ours from who have all the parts in stock and will price match with cheaper quotes from elsewhere.

dinkystinky Tue 05-Aug-08 09:22:53

Aubergenie - dont know about the Gecko or Bee but thought I'd post and let you know that I bought the Buzz - was brilliant until DS turned 1 - by the age of 11/2 he was too big to sit comfortably in the seat (and he's only 90% percentile for height).

pinata Tue 05-Aug-08 11:12:00

i had a quinny buzz and would not really recommend for anyone who has tight space anywhere - it is absolutely HUGE. doesn't look it but the wheels are very wide and it weighs an absolute tonne

we actually moved from that to a nice silver cross stroller which i love

no experience of bugaboos, so i don't know if they're light or heavy but have you looked at the silver cross 3D pram system? a friend of mine just got one, and to me it looks ideal - slot your car seat in when they're tiny, and when bigger, it turns into a lightweight stroller. also has a nice lie flat pram mode, and the option to face you

firsttimer08 Tue 05-Aug-08 12:22:58

same here, the grandparents are paying for the stroller, so i'm pretty much decided on the bugaboo bee. Its true that it won't last that long - so maybe 2 years, but two things: firstly it has v. good resale value on ebay; secondly you could use it for another baby.

In terms of size and weight, there are few that are better. I found the folding a little difficult, the button needs to be pressed quite hard but according to the shop assistant, one gets used to it over time. Another one that i'm considering is the maclaren techno xt - but the problem with that one is that while its for newborns, it doesn't look as cosy for a newborn as the bee. Mamas and papas pliko is also small, lightweight and easier to manouvre. It also grows with the baby, so you can definitely use it for longer than the bee.

Didn't try the gecko in the shops as the backwheels were just too big for storage / travelling on the bus.

kookiegoddess Tue 05-Aug-08 12:39:59

I almost went for the Bee but was told that the Micralite toro (my other top choice) was better on grass/in parks - so I went for the toro as we live opposite the park and next to the common. The toro is great because it remains standing when folded which is great, but the carrycot newborn part is still quite bulky. I think it's ok to use the cot bit as a bed if you want to double up and not be folding it away all the time, although someone said to me on another thread that if you push the baby around in it outside then it wouldn't be as clean as a moses basket that you kept inside all the time.

I just like the firm back support that the proper carrycot gives. I also really struggled to justify the cost of the bee when you add in all the extras.

The other thing that swung me was that you can wait up to 3 weeks for parts if something goes wrong with any bugaboo, whereas micralite are based in the uk in Twickenham and can do repairs than less than a week.

beckmo Tue 05-Aug-08 13:27:23

I have a gecko and live down a flight of narrow stairs in a small flat.I would say go for a bee if you have your heart set on a bugaboo. My gecko is currently residing in parts in my understair cupboard whilst I zip in and out the house with a maclaren techno which I have used since DD was 6 months and WISH I'd bought from birth. And it folds up nicely and stops my hall being filled with pram....maybe check out the XLR?

Aubergenie Tue 05-Aug-08 13:44:38

Thanks ladies. I will check out your alternative suggestions. I'm not necessarily fixated on a Bugaboo but am feeling overwhelmed by choice and needed to narrow it down somehow.

kookiegoddess - the Toro looks nice. How wide are the wheels? I do like the carrycot aspect especially as it's going to be a winter baby.
I know the babynest for the Bugaboo is nice and cosy but I did wonder if the baby might seem a bit exposed. Do you find it easy to fold up?

Firsttimer - Very good point about the resale value of the Bugaboo. I've heard that the Pliko isn't very sturdy, although I can't remember who told me that.

girlsallaround Tue 05-Aug-08 14:01:10

the Pliko is very chunky and doesn't push well, do not get it. it does have a fabulous cot though.

is the bee good enough if my newborn will spend all its day-sleeping time in it?

or should i go for the micralite?

i need a great cot part as i will be taking baby to work with me for first 4 or 5 months....

sophiebbb Fri 12-Sep-08 00:10:17

Hello Aubergenie

Well, I have had both the Bugaboo Gecko and the Bugaboo Bee so can comment on both.

Bought the Gecko for first born (the Bee was not out yet and it was cheaper than the Chameleon). LOVED the Gecko.

When second born came along, we sold the Gecko for a really good resale and bought a Phil and Teds double buggy with the money (nearly paid for it all). That was OK to use but not as well made and put together as the Gecko. Also it is really bulky and heavy so even though it is still necessary when I am taking them both out (21 mths and 4 mths) I needed something compact and small.

Then I was very lucky because my mum bought us the Bugaboo Bee and I LOVE IT. I have now recommended it to my sister and would buy it over both the Gecko and the Chameleon for the following reasons:

1. Very light
2. Compact
3. Up and down in one go
4. Can face forwards and backwards (like the Gecko and Chameleon but not like the McClaren)
5. Can go completely flat for newborn or upright for toddler. Also now my newborn is 4 mths and more nosy I can put it up one or two notches so not completely flat but not too high up for her back either.
6. Turns on a penny!


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