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Braxton Hicks - are anyone elses painful or very uncomfortable??

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Leenie Sun 27-Jul-08 22:34:26

I am now 34 weeks and up until now have felt fine,but since tues, i have been getting braxton hicks on and off everday mostly in the evenings, especially when moving about, that are getting quite uncomfortable, my bladder for the last few days also feels very sensitive, literally every few minutes i get the urge to pee desperately, but there is hardly anything there, is this just normal from this stage, it just seems like i went to bed Monday night feeling ok, but woke up tues feeling like my pelvis had been turned back to front

Sassafrass Sun 27-Jul-08 23:58:46

I have fairly painful bh. When I asked my consultant she said it was quite common. The urge to wee constantly coupled with shooting pains down the pelvis has in both my pregnancies signalled the head getting engaged, might be the same for you.

eandz Mon 28-Jul-08 00:06:50

hi leeni,
yes, mine are awful. (last week) i started having them every half an hour (i'm at 32 weeks tomorrow) and they were the worst bh i've ever had. admittedly it's my first pregnancy. anyway went to the labor ward and they told me it was normal.

so don't worry but DO get it checked out when they become waay too regular. (when you start getting them at regular intervals).

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