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Just how painful can 'ligament' pain get in late preg?

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Dragonhart Wed 16-Jul-08 10:31:41

Preg with no 3 and I am 34wks now. I am in alot of pain when walking, then if I have been doing a lot (ds nearly 3 and dd 18mo so not much choice about that!), then sit down for longer than about 5 mins, when I get up it is really painful to walk.

Night time is the worst and rolling over takes an age and often involves tears sad.

The pain is worst between my pubic bones but is also in my hips and in my lower back.

Had midwife appt and she said it didnt sound like spd as I got it when I had been resting and you only get spd when you have been on your feet a long time and there is pressure from the babies head. She also said that I wouldnt get it at night. I did tell her that I had it all the time but she just focused on the night and after resting pain. Only thing she said was to take paracetamol, which is not much use.

I was wondering just how bad the pain can get from what she called ligament pain. It feels too bad to just be a case of 'tough luck, you are preg, deal with it' to me.

In my previous preg I have had aches and pains but nothing that stops me dead in my tracks or makes me cry. WOuld appreciate anyone elses experiences.

Seabright Wed 16-Jul-08 17:19:59

I'm 24 weeks and have had this pain virtually since about week 5! Have tried to talk to various midwives etc about it and just get told "oh, it's ligaments". Sorry not to be more help, just wanted to sympaphise with you

notcitrus Wed 16-Jul-08 17:32:20

What your midwife said about SPD is totally different to what my midwives, GP and obstetric physio have said!
I have classic SPD, ie crap ligament up the middle of my pubic bone, referring pain to my hips too, and it is worst at night and especially rolling over. I was crying with pain and exhaustion at 25 weeks.

The GP gave me lots of cocodamol which means I can sleep 5 hours straight, and midwife packed me off to the physio who gave me a support belt which helps when standing/walking, plus exercises, and for turning in bed advised tense your pelvic floor, lower tummy and buttocks, and then put your weight on your feet when turning. Or turn frontways, but I can't get that to work!

I lie on 2 duvets to cushion the hip, pillow between legs and another under my bum to hold me in place - works fairly well, but the main thing was following the physio's advice to walk *as little as possible* - I was banned from commuting and told to ration myself to 300 yards a day. I don't have any kids, though, so that was reasonably easy - I'm now 31 weeks and feeling a lot better when I don't overdo it.

Getting painkillers from your GP to help you sleep might help a lot?

Dragonhart Wed 16-Jul-08 18:29:51

Thanks for the advice. I accidently posted this twice so you might spot another one in preg topic hmm

She was pretty useless midwife and when I cried as I am feeling pretty desperate, she just ignored the fact I was crying and didnt try to comfort me which I thought was a little odd. She also upset my ds so I just wanted to get out of the room tbh. Shame as all the other midwives I have seen though previous preg have been lovely.

Some great tips not citrus, thanks!

notcitrus Wed 16-Jul-08 19:48:09

Saw other thread later, yes - good luck getting help and only seeing other midwives in future! Mine have been most anxious to check how I'm coping and remind me of the details of counsellors, mental health professionals, that antidepressants are OK with breastfeeding, etc.

My other SPD tip is only buy stuff on the internet! Don't know how I'd cope if I had small ones to look after though - will have to line up huge amounts of chidcare if Squirmy is ever to get a younger sibling! Although apparently getting SPD once doesn't mean you'll get it again...

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