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morning sickness and food/weight gain???

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ranirani Mon 14-Jul-08 14:03:33

Started feeling morning sickness (light though) at 8th week and instead of losing my appetite I intend to eat more. As soon as i feel nauseous i eat something little and light and it seems to go away for some time , but then comes back. I am afraid I may go "off the wagon" with my weight gain though. In 8 weeks i already put on 4 lb with no morning sickness before so now I may add few more stones, not pounds!!shock any advice how to tackle this problem??
thanks, any advice will be appreciated!!

thebecster Mon 14-Jul-08 16:10:18

ermm... Not sure how much this will help. But I did gain a huge amount of weight with my pregnancy for just this reason. But in my case I had sickness all the way through (very rare, unlikely to happen to you!). The only thing that alleviated the nausea was to keep eating so I gained over 4 stone in total. But I lost it all, and am thinner now than I was before getting pg (DS is 2). So don't worry too much - if you gain, you'll lose it quickly. I didn't diet - just breastfed and ran around after DS! I lost 1.5 stone during the birth alone. And then 1 stone in the following month. The rest came off gradually over the past 2 years, with a bit extra!

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