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Pain in ribs - any suggestions for easing it plz!

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Kelly1978 Wed 02-Feb-05 14:36:48

I'm 7 mnths with twins, and I'm getting really bad pain which started on one side of my chest, right at the side, and is now starting to spread. It's stopping me from sleeping at night, and making me miserable now. I think it is prob caused by a baby kicking inside my ribs, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Lonelymum Wed 02-Feb-05 14:41:05

I don't know about twins, but do you sleep slightly sitting up? I had to anyway for indigestion but I also found it eased stretched muscles.

Kelly1978 Wed 02-Feb-05 14:43:07

I can't sleep on my back at all, because of the weight i'm measuring almost full term, and I find the pressure too much on my back or bottom if I try to sleep that way.

Lonelymum Wed 02-Feb-05 14:45:57

Oooh it sounds awful. And still two months to go (or maybe just one?) I really have no advice but I am sure someone else will know what to suggest. Hang on in there.

Leogaela Wed 02-Feb-05 14:48:36

I have had really bad rib pains as well, sometimes the baby seems to have foot stuck up on the rib or just underneath it and refuses to move it (I keep pushing it down but it seems a bit mean), I kind of sit sideways with one shoulder up to relieve the pressure but then my ribs round the back end up aching like hell. it has had me in tears sometimes - I can't imagine what it must be like with twins!
I have been doing pregnancy yoga which seems to help with stretching the belly out and as the yoga teacher keeps saying 'makes more space for the baby'. Try sitting (on something or right down low on your knees with a pile of cushions under your chest) and leaning completely forward onto something so your back is almost horizontal and the belly hangs down underneath (thats a good one to do when you wake up at night or first thing in the morning), or sitting on one of those big exercise balls for a while helps. Also not sitting down too long helps as well. Hope it gets better!

Kelly1978 Wed 02-Feb-05 15:35:42

Will try the leaning forward one 2n leogala, thx. I darent try the other one, if I squat too much they just move down into my pelvis and wreck havoc there instead!! I'm glad soemone knows wht it's like - I've been crying cos of the pain, and I don't feel quite so much of a wiMp now!

Leogaela Wed 02-Feb-05 16:09:03

The squatting down is nice to do on the bed. I probably didn't explain it well.... but if you go up on your hands and knees, put a big pile of pillows under your chest then with knees wide apart lower yourself back onto your heels so the bump kind of rests down in between your legs it's quite comfortable, it doesn't put pressure on your pelvis. getting your man to massage the achy bits also helps a lot. I tried baths but even in the bath it puts too much pressure on my back and I start feeling sick and my pulse shoots up.

Kelly1978 Wed 02-Feb-05 16:25:33

That sounds very relaxing, thanks for explaining, I'm def going to try that. I been laying in the bath to relax, but I find it doesn't do anything for the rib pain, and I also cant lay on my back for long. Will let u know how it goes!

Nik72 Wed 02-Feb-05 16:31:15

Leaning forward helped me but unfortunately sitting upright at work was torture. Lying on my left side with a pillow under the bump also worked sometimes. It vanished at 35 weeks when the head started to engage and the whole bump dropped down - bliss! Now I can BREATHE again too!

bonym Wed 02-Feb-05 17:42:48

Sorry, no advice, but just wanted to sympathise as I was sitting at the computer thinking how painful my ribs were when I came across this thread! I agree with Leogaela though that it seems worse when sitting for too long - i.e. at the computer (mumsnet has a lot to answer for! )

rydercup Wed 02-Feb-05 17:53:48

Hi. I am 30 weeks with number 2 and have been suffering since about 27 weeks (exactly the same as with number 1). I read that your rib cage moves up by 2 inches during pregnancy to compensate for the growing baby (no wonder it flippin hurts!!!). I find that relief comes from warm baths and if sat on the sofa or lying in bed putting my hands above my head to stretch everything out a bit. In my experience first time it did ease off again. You have my every is awful but should get better!

MrsBigD Wed 02-Feb-05 18:27:33

had that with dd and what I did was 'rib lifts'... sit comfortably and then stretch one arm up and over gently to open up and lift your rib cage. I found it worked wonders. By no means lift both arms at the same time though

Kelly1978 Fri 04-Feb-05 08:29:35

I tried some of your suggestions and they did give me some relief. However I did find that the baby moved very quickly back into the same position - he seems to like it there!!
It's now gotten far worse. I'm in severe pain, I can't use my left arm or walk without getting shooting pains in my ribs. I'm stuck in bed with a laptop right now and I don't know what to do. My daughter has gone to school, with a friend, but I'm still stuck in with ds (2) and I can't do anything. I want to scream!!!

Leogaela Fri 04-Feb-05 10:15:05

this sounds bad, i really sympathise with you. my pain was never so severe that i couldn't walk, in fact walking around seemed to help, but I did have the same problem of the baby moving back and putting pressure on the same place. lying down didn't help me at all. I'm 35 weeks now and its only started to improve this week.
I've heard its possible that your ribs can get fractured from the pressure or kicking of the baby - it could be that.
I don't have any more suggestions except to keep moving into positions and stretches that relieve the pressure for as long as you can.

Kelly1978 Fri 04-Feb-05 10:44:21

hi leogaela,
I did try calling hosp for more advice, but they were totally unhelpful. I'm just going have to carry on with the exercises and hope it eases. It's just really difficult with ds to look after as well. Thanks for the exercise advice tho - it the only thing helping at all at the mo.

Kelly1978 Mon 07-Feb-05 09:59:48

Just to let everyone know who posted, I went to emergency doctors on sat, as the pain got excrutiating, and I kept vomitting. I'm now on co-codamol. Turns out my ribs are badly inflamed, and I've been told to keep takign painkillers and apply warm compresses.
I'm now all doped up and feel spaced out, and keep fallign asleep. Much better than the pain!!!
Thanks for all the sugestions!

Leogaela Mon 07-Feb-05 10:15:34

Good to hear Kelly1978!
It is really disappointing that the mw didn't help you when you called. she should have realised that your case was much worse than a normal bad case of rib pain. Hope it gets better very quickly and the twins have enough room to drop down to take the pressure off.

Kelly1978 Mon 07-Feb-05 10:22:49

Thanks Leogaela - I think twin A has dropped a bit. My bump looks lower and the indigestion has stopped. I'm feeling much happier. Just can't wait til they come out now. I've been getting lots of cramps, so I'm hoping that I won't be going anywhere near full term.

Skribble Mon 07-Feb-05 11:48:44

I remember the feeling like the baby had its toes hooked on my ribs. I spent the last 2 months sleeping propped up on my side with about 5 pillows and a triangle cushion. .

Leogaela Thu 10-Feb-05 12:39:54

How's it going Kelly1978?

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