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Heartburn, will try ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Angeliz Sat 27-Nov-04 14:06:02

I am now 6 and a half months pregnant and, as with dd, i am suffering with terrible heartburn!
I know it'ss trivial in the grand scheme of things but i have actually been in tears of frustration over it last night and this morn as it's just over-riding everything i do!
I take tonnes of Gaviscon as it helps for about 5 minutes but i think it's making me feel sick alot now!

Any tips AT ALL?

Crystaltips Sat 27-Nov-04 14:07:05

I swore by settlers TUMS. I ate them by the bucket-load!!

Tessiebear Sat 27-Nov-04 14:09:48

No advice i am afraid - just sympathy I am 9 weeks pg with hideous m/s and have reached an all time low this morning because everything is getting on top of me (too ill to keep on top of house work and unhelpful husband and kids) I had a good cry too! Hope you get some advice soon.

CountessDracula Sat 27-Nov-04 14:12:39

Have you tried Gaviscon Extra? Much better than plain gaviscon

suzywong Sat 27-Nov-04 14:18:49

Love Hearts and Refreshers and Giant Fizzers. Packets of them.

Rots your teeth but leaves your tummy calm

mrswoman Sat 27-Nov-04 14:21:11

i`m 32 weeks pregnant i suffer from heart burn something rotten it gets to the point when i cant even sleep it that painful but other than the gavison and propping up on a pillow you could try small meals often and not eating after a time at night for me its 8 but other than that all you can do is sip water to water it down

bottle Sat 27-Nov-04 14:21:31

i useed to get v bad heartburn and the only thing that worked was h blockers which you can now get over the counter - not sure if you can take while pregnant though - have you seen your gp? anyway lots of symapthy as know how rotten it is

bottle Sat 27-Nov-04 14:22:14

just remembered papaya is supposed to work wonders has an enzyme that zaps it

CountessDracula Sat 27-Nov-04 14:41:14

ginger cordial

Cha Sat 27-Nov-04 14:45:10

Love - god do I know how that feels. I had heartburn from practically the second I conceived and it is SOUL DESTROYING. It really is. It eats at you day and night, this burning pain that never seems to go away, it makes you dread meals and keeps you awake at night and it seems like nothing ever works, not really. I do so feel for all of you.
Two pregnancies later I have some tips, hope they help.
No 1 and the most important - eat at 6/7 o'clock in the evening, so the worst of it is digested by the time you try to sleep. Took half way into my second pregnancy before I actually listened to other mumsnetters and did this, it really made a difference to being able to sleep.
Gaviscon - buckets of it, try all the new fangled ones if your GP recommends it. I personally went through 1 litre peppermint every week or two.
Cold milk - I was drinking 4 pints of full fat a day at one point. Not recommended if you want to go back to a size 12 within the next decade but was wonderfully cooling.
Pineapple - not tinned or juice, only the fresh stuff will do. I presume it has a similar enzyme as papaya, it really does work and is much nicer than Gaviscon. Not terribly convenient in the middle of the night, however, hacking into a pineapple whilst half asleep...
Avoiding fatty food - goodbye takeaways.
Avoiding acidic food - goodbye tomatoes, citric fruit, juice etc
Avoiding all food - JOKE, though felt like it at times.
Hope some of this works for you, all my heartfelt condolences to you all. xxx

moondog Sat 27-Nov-04 14:49:35

Oh I really symapathise. This and the feeling that I couldn't breathe properly were the worst things about being pregnant, and I am pretty healthy and not fat.It was so weird as I had never had heartburn before in my life either.I used to wake at night in a panic as acid came up in my mouth-felt like I was drowning and I used to cry with frustration about it all-could never have another child as it was so awful!

What worked for me were Rennies (tons of them.) I would fall asleep with one dissolving in my mouth even. Also very small meals and not eating at least three hours before going to bed. Herbal tea (mint) was also helpful as well as laying off the tea and coffee.

Angeliz Sat 27-Nov-04 14:55:40

Thanks everyone+
I am off to Morrissons to do a weekly shop and i have EVERYTHING everyones suggested on my list.

I'm glad ,(sorry if that sounds sadistic ), that people have empathised as sometimes i feel like it's all i ever do,(moan about heartburn), and my family just can't understand why it gets me so down!

Thankyou all++++++++++++++++++++++++

BadHair Sat 27-Nov-04 15:00:20

Have you had the liquid Gaviscon or the tablets? Tablets are rubbish, but the liquid stuff is fab - I still swear by it and haven't been pregnant for 2 years.

This story is a bit gross but here goes anyway. When I was pg with ds1 I got really bad heartburn but had never heard of Gaviscon. I was at work one day, and my heartburn was so bad I was constantly spitting bile into my bin as it was just flooding up (sorry). So I nipped out to Tescos, which was a bit of a drive away but it was the nearest place I could think of and I could spit into tissues in the car, and asked the pharmacist to recommend something. Bought my Gaviscon and necked a huge mouthful (couldn't wait to use the measure) in the carpark, and INSTANTLY felt the heartburn go away. Still remember that feeling of utter relief everytime I think of Tescos at Perivale.

And no, I don't work for Gaviscon!

Cha Sat 27-Nov-04 15:03:31

For those unsympathetic family members (sure they are not really) - tell them that it feels like burning acid fizzing up into the back of your throat. Actually, strike the 'feels like' - it IS burning acid fizzing up the back of your throat.

How about this for a heartburn cocktail - ice, pureed pineapple and papaya, cold milk and a gil or two of Gaviscon thrown in. Handful or rennies in a bowl at the side to snack on. Almost wish I had heartburn again. NOT.

smellymelly Sat 27-Nov-04 15:18:21

I'm 35 weeks (tomorrow) so I know how you feel.. I get through 2 bottles of Gaviscon a week! And I have found that lemonade helps, as it doesn't give me indegestion, and I do some great burps after swigging it, which really helps!

I actually had a curry the other night thinking I would be up 'all' night, but I was no worse than usual.

hunny Sat 27-Nov-04 15:52:46

Try nibbling a few almonds with their brown skins on. I know it sounds daft but it worked for me last time.

bakedpotatohoho Mon 06-Dec-04 11:33:00

angeliz -- i've only just seen this. my GP prescribed ranitidine. it's a miracle. gaviscon made me hurl.

motherinfestivemood Mon 06-Dec-04 11:36:20

Acupuncture worked for me. Honest it did. I was already having acupuncture, though, so presumably my body was used to it - but last time round it actually did STOP as opposed to the previous hell...

Dophus Mon 06-Dec-04 11:58:29

I always used to see the adverts and wonder what was meant by heartburn.

The bigger I get the more I know! I am now waking up on average of five times and requireing a swig of Gaviscon. I have grown to love the stuff and developing a serious addiction!!!

The tablets are horrible - I couldn't even swallow them when I tried them.

collision Mon 06-Dec-04 12:02:33

Twinkie had terrible heartburn during PG and swore by tonic water I think. TBH peppermint Gaviscon worked for me. Hope you are feeling better.....the old wives tale is that having hb means your baby will have a beautiful head of hair and my ds did!!

mummylove Mon 06-Dec-04 12:05:13

I am a very fast eater so slow down and chew more, more small meals, ease off acidic foods too near bedtime like oranges and onions etc.

Sip a glass of milk before bed and sleep on raised pillows. if i did get an attack in the night then i sipped milk and that usually helped me.

good luck!

mummylove Mon 06-Dec-04 12:05:15

I am a very fast eater so slow down and chew more, more small meals, ease off acidic foods too near bedtime like oranges and onions etc.

Sip a glass of milk before bed and sleep on raised pillows. if i did get an attack in the night then i sipped milk and that usually helped me.

good luck!

Angeliz Mon 06-Dec-04 12:06:12

Thanks everyone.
It's still bad but not eating after 7 ish has helped the night times. (Though thats hard with all the Christmas goodies lately -i actually dream about food!).
Will definately try the tonic as that would be pleasant. I have been sipping ginger beer regularly too and ginger nuts.
I am seeing the midwife in 2 days so will ask about the other two liquids mentioned and see if any of them are better than Gaviscon.
Collision, i was just as bad with dd and she had a full head of black hair and hairy back and shoulders so i'm expecting another!!!!

sleeplessmumof2 Mon 06-Dec-04 12:13:10

Rennie duo liquid !!!!! the only thing that worked for me both times sometimes you need to get the chemist to order it in!!! Good luck hope youre feeling better soon !!!

bakedpotatohoho Mon 06-Dec-04 12:23:41

angeliz, ranitidine is tablets. you may need to push to get it -- GPs don't always seem to know about it. i had a string of GPs who just told me to go away and drink gaviscon, but i couldn't keep it down, and in the end i saw a female GP who had taken ranitidine herself for HB when pg, who said, "Oh, for goodness sake, this will sort you out.' She wasn't wrong.
was expecting a baby gorilla myself, but DD was balder than a coot, and stayed that way for over 12 mths

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