Pelvic Organ Prolapse

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Madaleinerw Sun 13-Jun-21 18:48:18

Hi all

Has anyone ever had a prolapse during pregnancy? I'm currently 24 weeks into my second pregnancy and I think I have it.

I conceived at 9 months PP so I guess my body didn't have much time to heal. I didn't have a particularly traumatic first birth but did have an episiotomy. I also don't remember suffering terribly after birth aside from being abit achy down there so I don't think I had prolapse then.

My question is - can becoming pregnant quite quickly cause the prolapse and is it likely going to cause problems in pregnancy?

TIA xx

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Tsubasa1 Sun 13-Jun-21 18:55:17

I think if you didn't do pelvic floor excercises to strengthen the pelvic floor after the birth of your first, giving birth, if you are overweight or if you have chronic constipation are all risk factors (among others). I think you should go to the gynecologist.

Madaleinerw Sun 13-Jun-21 19:04:37

@Tsubasa1 thank you for responding. I did all my exercises and haven't had problems up until now (like incontinence). I did everything I could really as I was so worried about post partum issues sad. I'm also underweight.

I am going to book an appt tomorrow with GP and then speak to my midwife on Friday.

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Idabidaboo Wed 30-Jun-21 03:18:51

Hello, did you have any joy at the doctors? I think I have the same issue although I got pregnant 12 months after my first birth

MyGrassIsBrowner Wed 30-Jun-21 03:34:42

I've just recently been diagnosed with low grade rectocele myself which I'm fairly sure was caused whilst pushing when I had my DD. My first child, pushing was haphazard and I didn't really know what the hell I was doing. Suffered for months afterwards though and now I'm 25 weeks pregnant with baby no.2. Need to squeeze when I cough or sneeze, can't sit on the loo for long periods and my pelvis hurts if I'm stood for a while. Sadly can't do anything for it until I've finished having babies (which will be after this one) and I fear it's probably too far gone for pelvic floor exercises now. Did you get diagnosed?

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