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abigail2512 Tue 04-May-21 20:40:40

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and been suffering the past couple of days with really bad constipation, I’m on progesterone pessarys at the minute and I know one of the side effects is constipation. Anyone had any experience with constipation in pregnancy? What did you do or take to ease it?

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LunaDreams Tue 04-May-21 21:07:42

Sorry to hear this as I know the unpleasantness of constipation all too well!

I use Lactulose which you can buy over the counter plus up my dietary fibre by eating dried apricots/wholemeal carbs/dates or prunes plus drink lots and lots of water.

Good luck OP, hope you manage to get ot sorted

Milkand2sugarsplease Tue 04-May-21 21:09:51

I'm on iron and it's caused constipation. I've upped my fruit intake - fresh fruit and smoothies - and have sultana bran for brekkie most days which has helped a lot.

MintGreenLife Tue 04-May-21 21:10:12

@abigail2512 oh I didn’t know the pessaries can cause constipation! I’m on them too and also suffering. I have a polyp on my cervix and the constipation can make it bleed which really stresses me out 😥 last few days I’ve been eating prunes, muesli and fruit and fibre for breakfast and as much fruit and veg as poss and seems to be helping a little, but not loads if I’m honest! X

HayB Tue 04-May-21 21:47:05

Would recommend lactulose too. They gave me this in hospital prior to having my twins as suffered during pregnancy. Not sure if you need to check with midwife first but mine actually recommended it to me anyway. Pharmacist could prob advise on dose. Defo keep up on the water intake too. X

PineappleSun Tue 04-May-21 23:00:49

Fybogel is working for me at the moment, you can buy it in supermarkets, bigger packs behind the counter, safe for use in pregnancy.

toto23 Tue 04-May-21 23:14:44

Sultana bran helps me ''go"

Chelyanne Wed 05-May-21 00:08:43

I have fybogel to help ease this problem.
Increasing your water, fruit and veg intake will help too.

Reign21 Wed 05-May-21 21:28:19

Get Flax seed!!! I suffer with constipation anyway (if I eat too many white carbs) and pregnancy made it really bad. I got ground Flax seed and I mix a table spoon of it into a smoothie every day or every other day and it's kept it at bay! It's honestly been my holy grail!!! (I tried all the meds from the doctors and they didn't work for me)

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