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Is it okay to take paracetamol when pregnant?

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walkingwomb Tue 06-Nov-07 10:20:11

I am 14 weeks and have had a horrible headache for about 2 days. it is really getting me down

Doodledootoo Tue 06-Nov-07 10:21:56

Message withdrawn

KerryMumKABOOM Tue 06-Nov-07 10:23:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Indith Tue 06-Nov-07 10:23:12

Yes you can take paracetamol, thankfully!

pinkrangernowwobbles Tue 06-Nov-07 10:23:59


walkingwomb Tue 06-Nov-07 10:29:53

hurrah! thanks!

Hayleyandbaby Tue 06-Nov-07 10:30:29

Yes you can take paracetamol. I've checked with 3 different doctors to be safe!

My headache won't go tho. Had it for a week now. I rang the hospital and they told me to take co-codamol which I thought was a definate NO. So I'm not taking it, I'm sticking with the paracetamol.

hoxtonchick Tue 06-Nov-07 10:33:16

yes, it's fine. you can take codeine too.

Pheebe Tue 06-Nov-07 11:02:49

Consulant told me that paracetamol + codeine (which is co-codamol) was absolutely fine in pregancy but under no circumtances take ibuprofen

Har Tue 06-Nov-07 11:46:16

Paracetamol is absolutely fine. Only thing with codeine is that it can make you feel sick which maybe is not what's strictly needed when you've (hopefully) just got through the sick stage!

angel1976 Tue 06-Nov-07 12:08:32

Perfectly safe. The doctors gave paracetamol to me after my CVS test and told me they were perfectly safe to take during pregnancy.

NorthernLurker Tue 06-Nov-07 12:58:23

I didn't know codeine could make you feel sick - the wonder of mumsnet eh? But I do know that it can affect other bodily functions wink and you could probably do without that as well!

UnquietDad Tue 06-Nov-07 13:02:18

DW had splitting headache when pregnant with out first. I went into town late in the evening to get something from Boots. I asked if paracetamol was OK - assistant called the pharmacist over (girl about 10 years younger than me) and she was so snotty. Talked to me as - if - I - was - STU - PID. She said "Paracetamol is the only thing she can take", in a cross, don't-waste-my-fucking-time way. Cow.

LiegeAndLief Tue 06-Nov-07 13:18:01

Hayleyandbaby - like others have said - co-codamol is paracetemol+codeine, both of which are safe in pregnancy. I was given codeine by consultant in hospital with my ds.

lemonaidtreasonandplot Tue 06-Nov-07 13:56:52

co-codamol is fine. They give it to you in early labour when they want you to go away snd stop bothering them... grin

walkingwomb Tue 06-Nov-07 14:22:46

Hi Hayleyandbaby <waves>

the paracetamol didn't work Nice to know i can take it but will probably just grin and bear it.

Har Tue 06-Nov-07 14:54:35

Northern Lurker - yes the other bodily functions thing is another lovely bonus of it (and again quite enough of that going on in pregnancy as it is!) As for the nausea aspect I've often got sick from codeine as has my mother (who absolutely hates the stuff), apparently people can get very dizzy too.

Walking womb, sorry you're not better but maybe because it was so entrenched it will take longer (and more pills) to get rid of?

walkingwomb Tue 06-Nov-07 15:45:23

Thanks Har. I am resigning myself to just having to put up with it. Have been in a very bad mood so maybe i should cheer up!

NappiesShnappiesPANTSgalore Tue 06-Nov-07 15:46:34


PutThatInYourPipeandSmokeIt Fri 09-Nov-07 19:23:33

Have you had your blood pressure checked?

snooks Fri 09-Nov-07 19:30:14

Hope the headache's gone now walkingwomb? Try the co-codamol, the midwives handed it out like sweets on the post-natal ward - ok for breastfeeding mums obv too.

SHEENA1 Sun 11-Nov-07 09:05:13

hi there i have been suffering from headaches since beginin of pregnancy my consultaint has just told me i am allowed to take co-codamal if it is really bad she says on a small does it would not do baby any harm .i am 25 weeks pregnant

jenjenns Sun 11-Nov-07 19:13:42

I got bad headaches badly with my sons but when I asked the chemist he said most definately NOT codeine as it can damage the pregnancy but paracetamol was ok in small amounts and if desperate co codamol this was also confirmed by a consultant at my hospital when I spoke to them last week. also I know it sounds daft but a cold wet flannel across the eyes and a lie down helped. hope it gets better sooon

sonya2580 Mon 12-Nov-07 09:52:49

yes my doctors say its fine to take it while pregnant

Izzy10 Sat 06-Oct-12 07:16:06

I have just taken some paracetamol as have banging headache and a full on day with my 2 year old DD ahead... NHS website advised to consult a doctor but I'm sure that's in case you have other complications or take other medication... Or to cover themselves! Happy pill popping x

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