Unsure of how many weeks I am

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Bayjeetay Tue 12-Jan-21 06:51:23


My last period started on the 12 Nov 2020. I took 2 pregnancy tests on New Year’s Eve that were both negative and then took another 2 a week later and they were both positive. One of the tests was a clear blue digital which said I was 2-3 weeks pregnant. However my last period started 8 weeks before that test. Is this correct please and how many weeks will I be?
Thank you smile

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AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 12-Jan-21 07:10:29

@Bayjeetay the nhs will date you from your last period, but it could be you ovulated late, my period dated me two weeks ahead and that was adjusted at an nhs scan, if clear blue say 2-3 that is most likely that you are 4/5 weeks pregnant, I got a 2-3 the day my period was due. Xxx

Bayjeetay Tue 12-Jan-21 07:12:43

Okay great thank you so much for answering 😊 xxx

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AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 12-Jan-21 07:25:46

@Bayjeetay you are welcome and congratulations,

I knew when I ovulated so I knew how many weeks I am, but the nhs will go by their dates. So I was sent for nhs scan at 10 weeks which is obviously too early they gave me another date in a few weeks time and dated me accordingly from there! I would just say keep in your head where you roughly are at or it'll be gutting when they put you back 2-3 weeks!!! The first twelve weeks is long enough 😂😂

Bayjeetay Tue 12-Jan-21 08:27:18

Oh really!! Thank you so much, I will do 😊 xx

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