Glucose tolerance test query ?

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fizzyblush Sat 09-Jan-21 10:32:58

hi ladies
Those who have had the glucose tolerance test , can I pick your brains a bit...
So I had my gtt and fasted for 12 h over night . First blood taken at 8.30 am . I then walked to my car which was parked in the hospital car park to sit in the car for the 2 hours as the waiting room was so packed . I then walked back and had the next blood test drawn . Sorry long winded but basically could the two short walks after the test result ? I really was convinced I have GD as have been so breathless and sick after eating . Results came back ‘normal’ but I’m just really surprised . Did anybody else have this test and was you allowed to walk to your car or a short distance during the 2 hour wait?

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sarahb083 Sat 09-Jan-21 11:27:47

Hi, I had the test but stayed in the hospital the whole time. My numbers came back normal, but I had a scan a few weeks later and baby was very big, so they had me monitor my blood sugar for a few days and it turned out I had GD. I may have developed it in the weeks between the test and the scan.

Going for walks does lower my blood sugar, but I usually go for 30+ minute walks so I'm not sure how much a very short walk would do.

Do you know what your numbers were? Were they borderline? If you're concerned, you could buy a glucose monitor and track your levels for a few days.

Happy to answer any other questions - I've done lots of research on GD since being diagnosed!

Chelyanne Sat 09-Jan-21 14:48:37

If your results came back normal then thay are unlikely to be incorrect so don't worry. If they suspect problems later on they will test again, measuring ahead is usually a red flag for them.
I've had several of these. Stayed in hospital for the duration but pottered about the waiting room and cafe as I had spd and sitting for long periods was far too painful to stay put. Mine were all normal and I was tested twice with our son who was a very big baby, 4 weeks ahead on growth scans came out 10lb12.

Nimsay1 Sat 09-Jan-21 17:35:56

I walked 20 minutes back to my work and then back to hospital again in between tests. Result was negative but I'm pretty sure that you'd have to do something extremely strenuous to affect the results. Feeling breathless isn't a normal symptom of GD anyway and you haven't listed any of the normal symptoms so I think you're fine.

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