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Is being starving hungry constantly an early sign of pregnancy?

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iamsohungry Fri 26-Oct-07 15:18:28

I am not ready to 'out' myself yet but just wondered if this was a common sign of early pregnancy?

These last couple of days I cannot stop eating and my stomach seems to be permanently empty.

If I was pg, it would only be maximum of 10 days since conception so too early to do a pg test - but wondered if I should actually consider buying a test or not.

fuzzywuzzy Fri 26-Oct-07 15:24:43

It was for me, along with the need to pee all the time, and then a few weeks afterwards, the need to sleep all day long.

iamsohungry Fri 26-Oct-07 15:36:19

Thanks Fuzzy - I do also need to pee a bit more often than normal.

You wouldn't believe that I had been through this before as all I can remember about the early days was the awful tiredness and constant nausea - but they didn't kick in until 5-6 weeks last time. Can't really remember how I felt before that.

Anyone else experience this?

scorpio1 Fri 26-Oct-07 15:37:39

yes! I was on holiday in butlins the 5 days before i got bfp-i could not stop eating, i ate more than dp! i am still very hungry now (16 weeks)

Good luck. 10dpo is early enough to test with a first response.

orangehead Fri 26-Oct-07 15:41:23

yes but I also find it a symptom of pmt, I also find weeing more a symptom of pmt, maybe im just werid. I agree dont think it to early for first response

iamsohungry Fri 26-Oct-07 15:48:35

I suppose one of the reasons I am not sure is that I had a very heavy bleed for 3 days last week which I assumed was my period (or 'withdrawal bleed') because I had come off the pill a few days before that so thinking it is now unlikely that I am pg.

Am a bit skint so don't want to waste money on pg tests if it is unlikely and I am also now concerned whether I should really be going home and drinking the wine that I put in the fridge this morning grin

Oh don't know what to do......

Bueller Fri 26-Oct-07 15:51:21

I always eat loads and wee loads the week before my period. I am TTC at the moment too, period due on Tuesday so currently eating and weeing for England!

speaking from bitter experience, I would try and wait until your period is actually late before you test.

good luck anyway!

scorpio1 Fri 26-Oct-07 15:51:29

it sounds to me like leaving the test then. if you have only that recently come off the pill its unlikely, it takes time to settle. have a small bit of wine.

Bueller Fri 26-Oct-07 15:53:27

yes, agree with scorpio1, have a nice glass of wine and try and put it out of your mind for a while! (vvvv difficult I know)

Hayleyandbaby Fri 26-Oct-07 19:46:07

My main pregnancy symptoms before I knew I was pregnant were weeing 5 times a night (i never usually wee at night), and like 100 times through the day, very bad skin which I've never had and suddenly I was STARVING all the time. So possibly!
Mind you, the months leading up to this pregnancy, I had talked myself in to having symptoms each month i think. It happened to be the one month I hadn't felt sick when suddenly I was pregnant! I then got every single symptom ridiculously magnified.

Upsidedowncake Fri 26-Oct-07 19:59:23

You may find that you have suddenly gone off the wine. That's my sure-fire way of telling.

Clever old nature - can't believe that I managed a whole 9 months without boozing when I was pg with ds1 grin

Tbada00 Sun 29-Oct-17 08:49:06

I think you may be pregnant. I got exactly the same feeling 2 weeks after conception. I also consistently needed to pee. I'm in week 7 now and find I'm STARVING every 2-3 hours, constantly peeing still and extremely fatigued.

I feel so much better knowing it's not only me feeling like this

ChipShopGherkin Sun 29-Oct-17 10:15:28

Considering this thread is 10 years old,I think the OP would be aware if they were pregnant or not.

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