Engaged/Palpable what's the difference?

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H8624 Sun 13-Dec-20 21:23:48

Long story short I had my 36 week MW appt on Tuesday and mw said baby was 4/5 engaged.

Then today I went to hospital for reduced movements and MW put in my notes baby is 3/5 palpable.

Is engaged and palpable the same thing? I'm so confused! And if so does it mean baby is slightly more engaged than earlier in the week?

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Sanch1 Mon 14-Dec-20 06:47:48

Engaged is how much of baby's head is in your pelvis, where as palpable is how much of baby's hear they can feel above your pelvis. So 3/5 palpable is 2/5 engaged, so baby was less engaged when you were at hospital. It's quite normal for them to pop in and out, but it can also different depending on midwife as it's just their assessment by feel.

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