Pale brown discharge. Please help!!! X

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Sohe Sun 13-Sep-20 20:01:25

Hi everyone,

I got my BFP a few days ago. This evening Iv been to the toilet and there is a creamy brown discharge in my pants. Checked my cervix and there is what looks to be a sort of pinky/brown CM up there. I had a chemical a few months ago and now I’m so upset in case it happening again. I’m 13DPO and only got my BFP 3 days ago.

Can anyone share their experiences? I’m so upset right now. Thanks x

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Whilstwewait Sun 13-Sep-20 22:24:35

I had some brown discharge the day my AF was due. That was 2 weeks ago and all still ok. Brown is old blood and really common. I understand you'll be anxious after a chemical though x

xsamix86 Sun 13-Sep-20 23:05:29

I had quite a lot of brown discharge at about 6 weeks. Obviously had a mad panic and was booked in for a scan with the EPU. It was just some blood that had formed in my womb, probably from implantation and baby was happily wriggling away showing off. That little bean is almost 1 now 😊 of course it is terrifying, and always worth getting checked out. Call 111 if you are concerned, or see if your area allows you to self refer to the EPU unit. Fingers crossed for a happy little bean for you

Sohe Sun 13-Sep-20 23:16:10

It has now gone a sort of watery pink colour now. No cramping or anything but It looks just like it did last time. I think it’s over again 😢. Doctors won’t send me for a scan coz it’s just to early, that was they said last time and I was further along then this one. The did 2 sets of bloods to confirm declining serum HCG. Just going to have to do another test in a few days. I did an IC One step test before bed and it was stark white, but I haven’t ever got a good result off these.

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Sohe Mon 14-Sep-20 03:33:12

Woke up at 2am and couldn’t sleep. Did a clear blue digital and it says not pregnant now. No further bleeding over night. Looks like I will have to just wait for a bleed and try again. Going to take a break from here for a while. Two losses so close together have broken me. Good luck everyone x

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calimommy Mon 14-Sep-20 04:17:38

Did you use a digital prior to this? Or dye tests? As you are only 13/14DPO it may still be too early for a digital.

calimommy Mon 14-Sep-20 04:18:29

Also yes brown spotting is not a cause for concern. Fresh blood, clots, cramping and back pain are more concerning.


Sohe Mon 14-Sep-20 04:34:01

Those are my tests from Thursday at 10DPO. The last one is this morning at 14DPO. I only have a 10/11 day Luteal phase which is why I tested day 10. Lost this one a lot sooner then my last one in June. Last one was about 5 weeks. Iv only had that bit of pink blood yesterday evening and no cramps to go with it. Breast tenderness appears to have pretty much gone. I just don’t understand why it’s happened like this. I feel completely empty. Should I ring the gp and inform them I have had another loss. I just hope a full bleed comes soon so I can get over it and start again. Thanks for the reply though. X

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Megan2018 Mon 14-Sep-20 04:47:45

Sorry this is happening to you.
My best advice though is to stop with early testing full stop. Only test when your period is actually late. Early testing is a road to misery.
The doctors will not regard chemicals as losses usually, although I appreciate they are to you.
If you have been trying longer than a year then definitely seek support on next steps, but otherwise please try not to focus on TTC too much and don’t keep tests in the house, buy them only when you are late.
No good comes from symptom spotting, early testing and the like. No-one needs to know early, it’s a marketing scam.

Sohe Mon 14-Sep-20 05:03:49

Thankyou. Yes I promised I wasn’t going to test early this time but I guess I just couldn’t help myself. Last time I was around 5 weeks and it was confirmed by reducing serum hcg levels by the doctors. So this one only made it a few days but is still heartbreaking. I’m just praying that a proper bleed starts soon so I can move on. Just been sat here crying for hours. I can’t believe it’s happened again. Feel like there is something wrong me! X

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Charlieneve Mon 14-Sep-20 05:11:21

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