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Flowers245 Sat 12-Sep-20 09:58:00

Hi, thinking of getting a next to me crib. Which one have you had/would you recommend? I really like the Chicco and the snuzpod ones, I want it for my baby to sleep in as long as possible. Thanks

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AliasGrape Sat 12-Sep-20 10:03:46

We got the babylo cosysleeper. Much cheaper than the Chiccos but essentially the same thing and I like the look of it etc.
A lot of the reviews complain the mattress is too hard and it’s true it is very firm but they’re meant to be and doesn’t feel any different to me to the other brands (I had a feel of a few in the shop).

DD is 6 weeks old and the crib is largely ornamental at this point though as she refuses to be put down and we’ve ended up cosleeping - She might manage the odd hour in there but otherwise can confirm it makes a great place to chuck loads of laundry hmm I’d be wary of spending a huge amount on the off chance you end up with a baby who won’t use it!

Alarae Sat 12-Sep-20 10:12:18

I have the Babylo sleeper which I got from my sister.

Definitely did the job however I got a new mattress for it which may (or may not) have been more comfortable.

Only issue with it is because it has mesh panels, as soon as my DD was old enough she started scratching the mesh making the most horrendous noises!

mummy2myJJ Sat 12-Sep-20 10:28:06

I had a Chicco next to me for DS1 and I'd highly recommend, planning on using it for DC2 x

Gerdticker Sat 12-Sep-20 12:03:43

Yep we loved our chicco nect2me

They often come up second hand too x

LexiM Sat 12-Sep-20 14:31:14

Weve gone for the Tutti Bambini Cozee, it's really easy to put up, the legs fold out. You can therefore move it easily and take it away for the night if needed. Much lighter than the snuzpod and for me it seemed a lot bigger, so hoping baby can stay in it as late as possible.

Gin4thewin Sat 12-Sep-20 14:36:46

I got mine from lidl. Was great when we went away aswell. Cost £89 if i remember correctly. Was well worth it, and wish id had one with my 1st.


Flowers245 Sun 13-Sep-20 15:21:57

Thank you everyone for your comments I ask going to look at all of your recommendations 😊

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Coffee123123 Wed 16-Sep-20 11:08:35

Some useful advice on here. Thankyou. I'm researching a next 2 me crib too. Do any exist that are multifunctional and can be used as a small 'playpen' when little one (hopefully!) moves to cot in own room?

FTMNOV Wed 16-Sep-20 11:13:58

I've got the tutti bambini cozzie and love it already. Babys not here yet but it's nice that it goes up and down so easily, it's currently in the travel bag at the end of my bed and will probably just get partner to put it up once we are home so it dosent get in the way unnecessary before he arrives

yevans Wed 16-Sep-20 11:28:20

We have the chicco and found it very useful and will be using it again for future kids. It did take a little while for DD to get used to sleeping in it though as she was a velcro baby and found it a bit big at first I think! DH called it an 'overpriced side table' for a little while...but it soon got its use when she got a little older!

FolkSongSweet Wed 16-Sep-20 11:53:07

We researched this and from memory the next2me and tutti bambini are basically identical in terms of features, it’s just which you prefer the look of. They are both a bit bigger than the snuzpod. The top of the snuzpod comes off so in theory you can carry it around, but it’s pretty heavy and I don’t know anyone who did this. We got the next2me and v happy with it.

SadSack39 Wed 16-Sep-20 12:11:51

I wouldnt get a chicco if you want it to last long time... my baby was climbing very early and it didnt end up getting much use as it became dangerous

ChlOeWh Wed 16-Sep-20 12:21:33

I have the kinderkraft one, it came in a bundle with a travel system and a bouncy chair! ☺️ it's lovely, can't wait to put baby in it 🥰

Mumoftwo1994 Wed 16-Sep-20 12:27:19


Hi, thinking of getting a next to me crib. Which one have you had/would you recommend? I really like the Chicco and the snuzpod ones, I want it for my baby to sleep in as long as possible. Thanks

I'd really rate a snuzpod, we had twins so eventually had 2. One either side of the bed, occasionally we'll co sleep but they mostly sleep well in the snuzpods

Yesterdayforgotten Wed 16-Sep-20 12:31:53

Highly recommend chicco next to me, dc1 and dc2 both slept great in it. It is also lovely and big so lasted them until they were over 6 months. Just looking at a pp comment and thinking if your baby is climbing that early than they would need to go in a full size cot for safety anyway. The chicco is a safe and excellent crib.

NameChange30 Wed 16-Sep-20 12:37:01

I have a Snuzpod but if buying again I would get a Tutti Bambini Cozee instead, much more practical because it can be folded up easily and used for travel.

Interestingly the Cozee and the Next 2 Me are both on offer from Argos for the same price, £140, atm. Bear in mind that the Next 2 Me is wider than the Cozee, so consider how much space you have next to your bed.

beautifulmonument Wed 16-Sep-20 12:41:48

We had an ikea Sniglar cot. Side off and strapped to our bed to make a co-sleeper. It was exactly the right height.

Hogglebear Wed 16-Sep-20 13:49:00

I've been wondering how these work in terms of making sure that your duvet doesn't end up going over into the crib? Do you tuck the duvet down the side of the bed? Xx

Hogglebear Wed 16-Sep-20 13:51:25

Sorry if theres a really obvious answer! confusedgrin

Yesterdayforgotten Wed 16-Sep-20 14:01:37

@Hogglebear I used to just keep it with the side on as both dc used to love scratching the mesh part and peepering out. It was also easier to have a little gap I could use to get them out or get out of bed. If you use it in next to me mode you wont be able to have a duvet unless it is pushed down away from the crib.

Hogglebear Wed 16-Sep-20 14:18:28

Ahh okay. Thank you @Yesterdayforgotten First time pregnant and so many things to learn and consider! Xx

Yesterdayforgotten Wed 16-Sep-20 14:29:16

@Hogglebear congratulations and very exciting! I wondered the exact same thing before I had my first and then after faffing around with it next to the bed and various covers etc I realised I was stuck in bed 😂 I told dh it wasnt working and shuffling down after just giving birth proved problematic. With the gap and mesh side on it was fab.

AIBU22 Wed 16-Sep-20 14:30:41

My friend spent hundreds on one, baby has never slept in it as refuses to sleep anywhere but the bed. I'd be wary before you spend out on one!!!

Flowers245 Thu 17-Sep-20 12:43:38

Thank you for all of your advice, I have looked at them all so much I have had to make a decision lol. Loved the look of the snuzpod but gone for the Chicco next to me, Luna It’s just that bit bigger and most people have good things to say about it so thank you 😊

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