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14 + 5 weeks pregnant, is this a normal head circumference for baby?

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rebeccajdaniels Sat 22-Aug-20 18:17:57

Hi there!

I went for a private scan today and they told me that my baby's head was measuring at 15 weeks rather than 14+5

Baby's head is measuring at 10.46cm is this too big or normal?

I can't find much online, I'm panicking a bit haha!

Thanks so much!

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bluemoon2468 Sat 22-Aug-20 18:49:55

If you're measuring 15 weeks at 14+5 then you're 2 days ahead? That's clearly going to be well within the average range for your gestation. My baby's head circumference has been measuring around 2 weeks ahead throughout the pregnancy, but is still within the normal range (just). What's got you worried?

rebeccajdaniels Sat 22-Aug-20 19:18:04

That's good to hear! Thank you! smile I'm just worried because it's my first baby and because it's a private scan rather than an NHS one, I know they are less thorough and don't tell you anything wrong usually x

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TrashKitten10 Sat 22-Aug-20 19:26:57

They would still have told you at a private scan if they were concerned, many women end up being referred on for an NHS scan after concerns during a private scan. Two days ahead though is nothing to worry about, especially when they're dealing with such small measurements. By 35 weeks DD's head was measuring 5 weeks ahead (thankfully perhaps I ended up with a c-section grin)

TenThousandSpoons0 Sat 22-Aug-20 21:38:12

Normal. As a general rule, your measurements will vary by up to a week either side of your date, and often 2. As well as that it depends on the reference range they are using on the scan machine! so don’t pay too much attention to the dates on the scan screen, they’ll tell you if there is a problem.
If it helps I’ve just looked it up for you, and your baby’s measurement is 38th centile on one of the conventional reference ranges. That’s totally normal - anything between 10th and 90th centile is fine and esp 25th-75th is just average sized baby.

PotteringAlong Sat 22-Aug-20 21:39:32

2 days ahead out of a pregnancy that lasts (on average) 280 days is nothing.

rebeccajdaniels Sat 22-Aug-20 21:46:19

Thank you all for your comments! I'm glad it's normal and everything's looking good! Just me being a worry wart and not knowing much about these things grin

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