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Mat B1 Form

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alphabetti Thu 20-Aug-20 21:33:53

I phoned local midwives as needed to submit to work by 25weeks and was able to just go down to women’s centre at local hospital and a midwife completed one and gave me it. I was 22weeks at the time.

FizzingWhizzbee123 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:28:19

My GP did one for me when I realised I wouldn’t see a midwife face to face until 28 weeks and also needed to give it to my employer by 25 weeks. I sorted it with the GP over the phone and collected it from reception.

H8624 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:19:20

Thanks all! Think I will contact them as I need it by 25 weeks to give to my work. Next appt 24 weeks May be over the phone and a bit last minute!

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London91 Thu 20-Aug-20 20:58:10

I got mine at my 28 week appointment as it has to be given face to face by the midwife. Typically you get it around 20 weeks normally.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Thu 20-Aug-20 20:38:47

Got mine at my 28wk face to face midwife appointment

Natalie654321 Thu 20-Aug-20 20:36:45

I got mine at my 28 week appointment smile

peachypetite Thu 20-Aug-20 20:28:31

Ask for it at your next face to face midwife appt

Pinktruffle Thu 20-Aug-20 19:04:15

I had to ask my midwife for it at my 25 week appointment. I'm sure you can get it earlier, but you will only be given one so don't lose it!

H8624 Thu 20-Aug-20 18:35:05

Had my 20 week scan today at the hospital and everything was perfect 😊.

Just wondering when/where do I get the Mat B1 form that I need to give to my employer? Do I need to contact my doctors surgery for it (where midwife is based part time), or will it be sent in the post? Based in the UK.

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